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genetic testing, fast/slow metabolizers

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Hi. I'm curious about who has had genetic resting to determine of they are fast (or slow metabolizers) metabolizers of their med? And has it affected their dosing?


In my case. I had the testing done and I got the result that I am a hyper-fast metabolizer of Valium. I dose my V 3 times/day. I thought I needed to do so because of the test results.


My new doctor doesn't seem to believe these genetic test results mean anything. He thinks I could dose 2 times/day. Because of the nuisance of carrying the bottle of liquid with me and trying to find a place to discretely drink it in the afternoon, I want to go to twice daily dosing.


I wonder if anyone on here has any knowledge or experience with genetic testing and whether it has influenced their dosing schedule.





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MNgal, I would not use any genetic test as a guide to dosing. There are many factors in drug reactions. The frequency of your Valium dosing depends on your symptom pattern. Please discuss in the benzo forum.

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