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Hi all,


I am in a pretty decent place in life, and I have a few weeks with very few ”responsibilities”... I’m thinking it’s the perfect time to finally try to get myself off of my psychotropic of choice, Amitriptyline 100mg 1xday. 


Ive attempted to get off it before and made it a few weeks before feeling overwhelmed and going back to the pills. 


I would love some support and a place to vent throughout this process. Looking forward to meeting all of you. 


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Hello and welcome to SA. 


I am so happy you found us before tapering — that bodes really well for your taper. It sounds like you are in a good place to do so, and have a great attitude about it.


How long have you been taking Amitriptyline? Please let us know your dosage history and any other meds, by creating a signature as described here: 



There is a ton of information and support on this site. : )


Probably the most important right now are: 



We usually see best results with tapers at a rate of 10% per month or less: 



One of our moderators has devised an even gentler plan (very popular and effective) that we lovingly call the Brassmonkey Slide:




Again, welcome! 


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Hi Iwantoff,


Welcome from me too 🙂


Just wanted to add one more link to the list SkyBlue kindly wrote out for you.


Tips for tapering off amitriptyline


Glad you found us before trying again, I'm sure that with all this good information, and support, you will be successful this time.



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