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when you are off the drug, how do you know that you will stay off it for good?

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just wondered why some people  a couple years later, or even 5, come back taking them again.

i hope these will be my last taper.


for people who have tapered slowly and wrote a success story, how do they know that they are out of the wood and won't need to be on them again?

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Good questions. I think people get put on these drugs because there's an underlying condition such as me being Severely Bipolar and have a Severe Anxiety issue. As an example. Since 2011 and up to a year ago I was on 60mg OxyContin. At first it worked then I kept having to up my dose. Then last year I got to the maximum dose my Doctor would prescribe. Then I started getting withdrawal symptoms between doses. I felt better after the dose. I knew it was time to quit because it was making me sick and did nothing for me. In 3 weeks I was 100% off the opioids. I was smart and got rid of my leftovers. I still get cravings today. However, not having anything is easier because I can't fall back into taking OxyContin.


In 2003 I had to do a cold turkey withdrawal from both Klonipin and Xanax at the same time. It put me in the hospital for awhile. I told myself at that time I'd never do another Benzo. However, a few months ago I was so desperate for relief from anxiety caused by Zyprexa withdrawal that I was put on Valium. They didn't help so I tossed them. I did a similar thing with Ambien.


I think (not an expert) that once a person gets off a medication, that there can be a rebound effect (as my Doctor calls it) where the original symptoms return after you get off a drug. There are other things that can be done to help minimize these underlying issues. I am on Gabapentin for both nerve pain from the 4 fused discs in my spine and also for anxiety. Once I got off the Benzos in 2003, my Doctor upped the Gabapentin to help with both issues. Exercise has also helped my a lot with anxiety, sleep, and back pain. I can honestly say that it would be easy to fall back into taking Klonipin and OxyContin. Feel bad, take a pill, and feel better. However, they're bandaids.


I did't start worrying about side effects of my meds until I started taking Zyprexa when the weight initially piled on. Then last year when I had my physical and my blood work was terrible I had to quit Zyprexa. I don't think I'll ever be able to get off everything because I'm so mentally ill (I'm very intelligent but have mental illness). What my goal is now is the take the bare minimum number and dose of mediations and to not fall back into what I call is drug abuse. I think somebody has to have a very strong will and keep that will to get off medication. After the withdrawal phase, to me, it's more of a psychological challenge with minimal physical challenge. I exercise and keep my ultimate goal in mind. I am not perfect by any means. However, I do my best to stay on course.


Good luck

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