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TV segment - NZ Study Antidepressants are addictive

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Thanks for posting this, Bubbles.  I had not seen it (I don't watch Breakfast - too early in the morning for me!).  Good to see this kind of thing on mainstream TV.

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Yes. I also don't watch TV early in the day - too much happening to add TV to the mix! I thought it was good that it was on mainstream TV. She couldn't say everything on the topic in such a short segment. I'd have liked to have seen a longer segment that was a bit more fleshed out.


She sort of mentioned it, but I'd have liked to have had it spelled out that the increase in long term prescription is because they're hard to get off. I think the increase in long term use is simply because wd gets coded as relapse. I liked the way she mentioned that people had to function and so go back on.


I thought she could have mentioned that dependence occurred as a result of the way they are prescribed - there is no way to use an SSRI for a short enough time to even know if you might be one who gets a benefit without the risk of becoming dependent. You know, a benzo is used for surgical premed - we don't become addicted/dependent from that one off use, but an SSRI is all or nothing.

She briefly mentioned that antidepressant users aren't engaging in problematic drug-seeking behaviors, but the reality is if these drugs were banned or seriously restricted overnight and we were all cut off, many would. We don't need to because antidepressants get a health halo. She could have made more of tolerance - certainly SSRIs poopout and people updose. Or are updosed by their doctor.


All said though, that all probably requires about a 30 minute segment!!! I think she did well in her 4 minutes. Good that this is getting out there. I'd like to give people like her medals!

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