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catali: paroxetine withdrawal nightmare


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Obviously if you have been diagnosed with asthma or something similar, then you might have no choice but to use an inhaler.  If this is the case then I suggest you discuss the various options that are available.  There may be (I have no idea) inhalers that are not steroidal and might be worth trying first.


However, this may be a withdrawal symptom.  Other members have reported this symptoms.  I have experienced it in the past and occasionally still suffer from it.


I think it would be a good idea to investigate breathing and relaxation techniques before using an inhaler.  I have found these helpful when I feel like I cannot get a full breath of air.  If you are suffering anxiety then it may be related to that.


Here is SA's topic on the subject:




SA suggests when starting anything new to first try a small dose to see how you respond to it.  And only make one change at a time.  If you change more than one thing at a time and there is an issue, you will not know what is causing the issue.


SA is a site for tapering/withdrawal of psychiatric drugs and does not counsel about how to get off steroids. 


If you do decide to use a corticosteroid inhaler be aware that when/if you stop using it you might need to taper it.  I suggest that you discuss this with your doctor before commencing it and to do your own research for steroid tapering/withdrawal and/or look for groups, forums etc that may be able to assist.  This way you can make an informed decision.

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PLEASE NOTE:  I am not a medical professional.  I provide information and make suggestions. 

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I hate the idea of using something else that will require tapering. I’ve been stuck on my current paroxetine dose of 7.5mg for 8 months now to try to stabilise from the withdrawal symptoms and I’m so frightened of setting them off again. Life has been horribly stressful as it is: mother had a stroke: nearly lost my relationship. One of the side effects listed for the steroid inhaler is depression and mood changes and I just don’t want to risk that. However, it also feels like I’m rejecting something that might help me. It’s one of those impossible decisions that are so difficult to make and it’s stressing me badly. 

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