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Wwaterboy: My family's and my story with Paxil

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Ugh, you're so right, I should have done the Prozac. I'm going to crash from this Celexa. I'm right on the edge with my job, although they are very supportive. I have to show that I'm a good employee the next 2 weeks. This is going to be a challenge.

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It was the booze that did me in. Drinking and reinstating the Paxil. That did it. That caused the kindling reaction.

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WB please stop catastrophising, neither you nor us can predict the future.  You need to calm down and that in turnm will help lower your blood pressure. You felt much better at 0.5, please stick with that dose EVERY SINGLE DAY so that you can stabilise. You have screwed your nervous system with the constant experiments. You WILL have bad days, and good days. Make the most of the good ones and remember them on the bad ones. 

You are anurse, what would you say to a patient who takes no notice and tells you that they are not taking the drug you are administering and demand another, or a different dose, then tell you that it hasn't worked? I can imagine 2 words you would be uttering under your breath! :D




Last year I had an eye stroke and it affected my vision, I couldn't drive or use the computer. Couldn't read or even cross a road safely. The doctor at the hospital told me that 70% of people do not recover their vision.  At first I was devastated and couldn't see myself coping long term. Then I told myself that the statistics say that 30% DO recover, so I decided I would be in that 30% instead of moping about being permanent. I DID recover my vision. Don't assume that you will not recover, there is nothing to suggest that you will be in the permanent number, they are actually very few.  


My BP was 235/115 and doctors insisted on meds which made me very sick.  Fresh juice helped a lot, I bought a juicer. Apple, cucumber and celery with mint leaves reduces it. I also bought a respirate machine. My BP is now much more stable. The respirate regulates and slows breathing, this relaxes the blood vessels. Youtube has many videos on breathing to lower BP, I would recommend them. 


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How are you doing now?

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I signed up today to report that Wwaterboy is ...dead. 


We had been close friends for a decade. It was his decision to discontinue paroxetine that inspired me to discontinue venlafaxine. We went through the taper process at roughly the same time. We spoke on almost a daily basis. He had been doing so well, and I figured that after about four months, he was pretty much done with the withdrawal process.  ...but then about two weeks ago, it seemed like something just snapped. All of a sudden, he was having severe symptoms, and wanting to get back on the medication. I honestly had no idea the depth of his troubles ran this deep.

A brief timeline is as follows:

Friday, July 13 , 07:49 AM - I missed a telephone call from him.

Friday, July 13 - He posted 13 messages here, ending on a somewhat optimistic note, grateful for the help that he had received.

Satudray, July 14, 02:49 AM - He posted his last message here: "It was the booze that did me in. Drinking and reinstating the Paxil. [...]"

Saturday, July 14, time unknown - He surrendered his dog to the Humane Society.

Saturday, July 14, 01:36 PM - Regretfully, I did not return his missed call from July 13 until I sent a text message at this time.  I never heard from him again.

Sunday, July 15, time unknown - He was found deceased from apparent suicide at his residence during a welfare check initiated by concerned friends.



I don't know that I will ever post here again, so in case I do not, I would like to thank everyone that offered their help to my dear friend in his time of need.


Heartbroken in Arizona,




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