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Can we get help for loved ones who don't recognize the problem?

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So I posted my story here: 


on how my boyfriend of 1 year left me completely out of the blue, after watching a movie and cuddling with me on the couch one night, telling me it just hit him that he wasn't in love me, never had been, and basically wanted me to leave the house right then.  He has sent me one short email and had one phone conversation with me since to wrap it up and throw away the key.  We were in a long-term relationship, our two kids were creating a step-sister bond, and we were very happy.  The grief and despair and psychological shock that I am experiencing is overwhelming.  I am experiencing nightmares, an inability to be alone, insomnia, and periods of intense sobbing just trying to get through this.  


My ex-boyfriend sees a therapist, at least he was.  


I have been reading Breggin's "Your drug may be your problem" book, as well as Helen Fishers info and a whole bunch of other stuff.  I want to inform my ex boyfriend's therapist of the drastic changes in his personality since his dosage increase, his crazy apathy, the change to his behavior toward his daughter, toward me, toward my daughter, how he broke up with me so irrationally and suddenly, his entire demeanor - everything, and show him links to all the stories and evidence to give him this package of information.


For all of you that have had these experiences before ... is this wise?  To send this information in an email to his therapist?


I do not expect the therapist to reply, or to give me an update or anything like that.  I just want this guy to have ALL the information on the REAL story of what is going on.  How the meds have impacted him, his relationships, his personality, his behavior.

And to have him consider ... is the benefit of a slight change to mood (he wasn't doing bad AT ALL) REALLY worth the cost of someone losing really healthy relationships?  


I couldn't find any pros/cons anywhere about this. And as I am not a legal relative, I know this gets really really touchy.  


I just want to do what's best for my ex-boyfriend who is worth saving, even though it feels like he absolutely HATES me.  I know in the end he has to WANT to change his meds.  But he doesn't even know what the problem is yet.


Definitely looking for what you all think is the best course of action.  Thanks.

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