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What’s a healthy sex drive?

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Hey, all. I was on Prozac for twenty years and it made me hypersexual. I was constantly thinking about sex. I would think about it every night before bed and usually would have to get myself off so I could sleep. I went on dates with women just in the hopes of having sex and would force myself through evenings where there was no connection just because I wanted the experience. 


Now that I’m off the Prozac and on Cipralex instead, I don’t know what a healthy sex drive even is. I’m single and instead of watching porn at night in bed, I just go to sleep. If I had a girlfriend I’d be all over her every night and i’m on dating sites in the hope of finding one. But I almost never get myself off anymore because I don’t seem to care. So is a healthy sex drive one that kicks in when the person is around but doesn’t harass you endlessly when you’re by yourself? Or has the Cipralex killed my sex drive?



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Sexual dysfunction and sexual anesthesia are common side effects of psychiatric drugs. In fact, antidepressants are far more effective at killing sex drive than they are at relieving "depression."


No one can tell you what a healthy sex drive is for you. Only you can tell if your current situation interferes with your quality of life.


One way or the other, it seems you think about sex a lot, perhaps obsessively. This is something else you might explore with a therapist, see


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