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Alan Schatzberg's Free Money for Everybody!

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Okey dokey! Let's have some fun, shall we?


I've been dusting off my Photoshop skills lately and what better way to re-sharpen said skills than lampooning the fattest target around (psychiatry)?


I guess I'm getting somewhat flippant about the whole psychiatry thing as I near the finish line of my taper (two more days to go on my last dose!). It's just been one long, strange, infuriating, and ABSURD ride. And I think the timing of this image is great, considering the fallout of the 60 Minutes story. I guess I'm ready to have some fun again. That's the ultimate revenge, right?


I won't really go into much analysis of the image as if you're at all familiar with Matthew Lesko (google that shee-it!) and you've been following the epic corruption of psychiatry for awhile (as I know most people on this board have), then you'll be able to get it. All I'll say is my major inspiration was that Lesko's scheme of helping people find "free money" from government loopholes and handouts sounded VERY MUCH like how KOL psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies were essentially getting free money out of DSM loopholes and those oh-so-spongy diagnoses we've all come to know and love.


Without further ado, here it is: (PS: You'll probably have to download the image to read the text).


Posted Image

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