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Alixxchan: Paxil


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I had an immediate reaction to Paxil, for the past month I have been having seizures, nobody knew why. I wasn’t epileptic, and everything was fairly normal, so day before last I was diagnosed with pseudo seizures, told me it was in my head and there was probably some emotional trauma and stress I wasn’t dealing with, and the emergency room doctor prescribed me with Paxil, so next morning comes. I take my Paxil at 8 am. By 9 am, I am having horrible diarrhea, all day long. Around 2:30 I started to get a bit jittery feeling, I start flinging my left hand and pretty soon my whole arm is flailing, I can’t control it, so I decide to go sit on the couch, then my legs start kicking up and down and they go faster and faster, till my whole body is shaking and I’m going into full body convulsions, I start burning up, every thing is hot. My convulsions made me fall off the couch onto the ground, I’m full conscious now, but my arms and legs are still flailing, I’m hitting my hands so hard on the hard wood floor they are starting to bruise but I can’t stop, during all of this my heart rate is at like 165, so my mom calls 911,they said my pupils are dilated and asked if I had taken any drugs today, I say no. Just the Paxil. So we get to the hospital, I’m super unstable at this point, my heart rate is insane, blood pressure is climbing and I’m having full body convulsions every 30 seconds and I’m drenched in my own sweat. The hospital was rude by the way, they were like yeah I guess it could be a reaction to the Paxil,  the Paxil their emergency room prescribed but we can’t say fersure, just don’t take it anymore. Here’s some Ativan since you seem to be having some severe Anxiety, which I wasn’t. even with the Ativan it didn’t stop the convulsions completely and my heart rate was still 100, they sent me home maybe like 35 mins of being there and said well it’s gonna take a couple of days to flush it out of your system, here’s your Ativan and good luck basically. All in all terrible experience 

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Hi Alixxchan, welcome to SA.  Sorry to hear you had such a terrible experience and were then treated rudely by the people who should have been helping you.  Makes you wonder what happened to the "care" part of "healthcare".  How long has it been since you came home from the hospital?  Have you had any improvement since then?  What are your current symptoms?


Prescribing Paxil for seizures sounds negligent to me (not to mention nonsensical).  Paxil increases the risk of seizures - it is a known (rare) side effect.  Was there anything else you were taking, e.g. herbs or supplements?  Had you been on any meds previously ?


We ask all members to create a signature containing a summary of their med history, including all drugs, doses and dates (starting and stopping).  Your signature appears below every post you make, and helps us see your situation easily without having to read from the top every time.  Instructions for creating your signature are here: Please put your withdrawal history in your signature.  You can edit your signature here: edit your signature in Account Settings.


Please post updates and any questions about your situation here in your introduction topic.



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2021   29 Aug 2.4mg   15 Nov 2.3mg

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I actually have had some improvement since the Paxil has left my system and my primary care doctor has told me they are not pseudo seizures because I have them while sleeping and harm comes to me during them, but The Paxil has progressed my current illness and I have lost the ability to walk as well, but Thankyou so much for asking how I’m doing, I’m not sure if it’s going to be a psychological cause for all this or a medical cause but my doctor has referred me to UCSF! So I will keep the updates coming, in the mean time I’m to stay away from all anti depressants 


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