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Telling someone you're on psych meds

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I've recently reconnected with a friend from 30+ years ago. We have been spending time together once a week and we are moving foward, seeing each other more frequently. At some point I will want to share my story with them about my psych meds. When and how is the best way to do this? Full disclosure is important to both of us. I want to make sure I'm not premature in bringing it up, but don't want to wait too long risking the perception I've been holding back and not been upfront.

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Hi Jewlz,

Soooo.......back to this topic as I got sidetracked, and replied to your main topic.

I'm probably not the best one to respond as I currently disclose to new acquaintances/friends that I have ended my "psychiatric career" and all the medications and "diagnonsense".  My gosh.......just about everyone has some experience with psych medications these days..........be it their own use, or someone in their family or close network of friends.


It's pretty easy to do, disclose......... and opens the door for further discussion, and perhaps saving others from the prolonged medication merry go round that I was on.   If they want to know more, sometimes people just don't.........I try not to let that bother me..........but I do like to "myth break" sometimes as far as what the average Joe Q. Public believes about the current mental health/keep one ill  paradigm and the gross injustice inherent in the over prescribing/under-educated practices of today.


So I'd just have to say.......if you are feeling uneasy about "holding back" information from your new friend.........you probably need to fearlessly disclose.

You could try the write about, talk about it(with others on the ground), and meditate or pray about it(whatever feels right for you)............ 

And then bring it on up.........and listen to what your new friend's opinions/knowledge base are as well.


Best of luck.  And I hope it's not a friendship ender thing........<3  Please report back if you want.........I'm all ears......or in this case.......eyes and reading. B)


Love, peace, healing, and growth..........alias Dear Abby/Ann





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Dear Abby/Ann-


Love the alias. Thanks for responding to my intro post. I should be holding at 80mg (60+20), but got doses mixed up last week and was  taking 90mg (60+30). I've since moved the 30mg from where I fill my pill box to stop that from happening. I rarely use the Xanax-maybe 2 total of the lowest dose and I cut those in half. I understand exactly what you're saying tho. The last couple of times I felt the need to not feel I bypassed taking the Xanax. Thank you so much for writing! I'm going to read your response on the other topic I started.

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Ahhh-I found the reply I thought I had responded to with my intro. Wow, mmt you're awesome for offering so many angles to my topic, which I really appreciate.


I'm trying to be very careful with the rekindling of a previous friendship. Disclosing mental health issues can be really touchy. I agree with you, that I need to be fearless and just bring it up and talk about. Which will more than likely be received with a gentle spirit, it's more about me effing things up. Through the help of a psychologist and a good friend after 30+ years of therapy off and on, I realized that I was never really validated (not the exact word used by the PhD), so I have always pretty much gone for any guy that would give me any type of attention to fill that void I guess. Most if not all of the time the guy(s) were not a good choice. So this new rekindling of an old friendship is with a super sweet, very respectful guy. I've always blamed myself for failure of past relationships and/or picking the wrong guy. So that old mindset is still at the forefront of my mind. I have written to PV and touched on the emotional abuse growing up, although I didn't recognize it as such and explained that I am unsure of myself in relationships with men. He hasn't responded which is fine because I wanted him to take his time and we will talk about it this weekend. So....I don't think it will be a friendship breaker and if so well that speaks for itself right?  Educating others through my own experience with these meds is a good thing. I've been up front with both my kids about my experience. My son has been suffering from anxiety since April which is a heartbreaker for a mom and his last appointment the dr prescribed a Tricyclic  ad and was told it would help him sleep, never once mentioning it was an ad. He was smart enough to check it out on Google and we talked about it. I told, actually begged him not to take the meds. He had made up his mind to not them on his own. Dr's. just don't even think about implications or up front with their patients. Thank goodness self-awareness and awareness of society is becoming a mainstay. So my friend and I will talk about the note I sent to him this weekend and I'll see how it goes.  Thank you!

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