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Please Sign Petition for Safe Medicines

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Will you sign our petition to lobby the Australian Government to make medicines safer by implementing pharmacogenomics? You do not need to be Australian to sign. 




What we are about....


We are forming a consumer social action association to try and make medicines safer.  


The aim of the action body is to raise the volume on consumer issues to match the mighty dollar of big pharma. It is also to educate consumers so that they can make informed decisions. 


We are concerned that when we take action individually we do not have the power to make things happen. When we stand together we can.  


Can you help?  Feel free to ask me any questions also....

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Petalsmum has been working hard on getting the Australian government to pay more attention to adverse drug reactions and drug-drug interactions.


Getting more genetic information about individual patients may help doctors avoid prescribing drugs that their patients cannot metabolize properly.


Please consider signing this petition.

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