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Some advice please: Wife pregnant and taking 50 mg zoloft

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Dear all,


My wife is 4 weeks pregnant. It will be our second child.


We didn't plan this so we're pleasantly surprised!


She is taking sertraline 50 mg since nine months and we're a little worried now. We did not plan this at all otherwise she would have tapered before.


She cannot quit CT for obvious reasons. She is mentally very stable right now and she's a bit scared to start tapering now. 

If she continues to take 50 mg sertraline daily for the next 8 months what are the risks for the baby?


And, does it affect the babies brain? When the baby is born will it be like cold turkey for him/her?. I mean, the sertraline will be in the bloodstream during pregnancy. If my wife continues to take meds after birth will the medication be in the breast milk? If so, perhaps the baby can get used to the lowering dose by drinking less and less breast milk.


We would like to here from moms or dads who have some thought on this subject.


Your help will be greatly appreciated!


Thank you and have a great day


Jozeff and wife😉


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I stopped taking a SSRI abruptly when I learned I was pregnant.  I resumed in the 5 th month as I was depressed and angry.  That was 17 years ago.  Back then  we were told not to take SSRIs during the first trimester +.  Now I believe the advice is to not take during the 3d trimester.  The truth is medical science does not know.  The decision to take meds while pregnant is very personal.  If a woman needs the drugs then she should take them.  I didn't nurse and was fine with my choice. Not everyone has withdrawal and it is not clear if a baby is even born "addicted."  I stopped a day or 2 before my daughter was born.  Looking back she showed no signs of withdrawal.  She was a very easy newbie and an easy baby and child in general.  She would wake up laughing!   

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Thanks jenjen!


My wife will be continuing her 50 mg of sertraline while pregnant. She just wants to feel ok and not have 2 variables at the same time.....being pregnant and tapering her meds. 

She had a terrible depression after our first child was born but she wasn't on medication back then.



We'll see how that will work. 


Thanks for your advice!






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