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Minnesota Twin Cities area, please check in here!

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We have a few members from MN/Twin Cities area.  Please check in below, maybe we can lean on each other locally if looking for a WD friendly doc who is helpful in tapering, or mentioning docs that are NOT.


Currently 2 of our mods are from this area, and also PoetJester as well, offhand.


As PoetJester found out, we are generally not feeling up to meeting, as he said he has tried before, and I have never felt less like socializing anywhere but online since I started to WD, but if you are open to it, please mention it!

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So, obviously, I am Skeeter.  I am a mod, but have not been able to volunteer much due to another medical condition that waxes and wanes.  Always happy to meet a fellow Minnesotan, or even West Central Wisconsin would be great, to meet you, too. I am not close enough to the cities to be able to meet easily, and agoraphobia whilst in benzo WD is quite strong,  Lasted 20 months the last time.  Had 9 months of freedom from symptoms on a daily basis, and bow back into WD, so I am sure the agoraphobia will hit very soon again.


I started this thread, because I have had zero luck finding a doc willing to taper my benzo (was 15mg of Valium,  now below 10 mg because my doc threw in dropping 33% a month for 3 months with zero warning, which is way, way too fast).  One Minnesotan gave me a great lead, on a doc, now waiting to hear back.  Disregard this particular plea for help if seeing this after end of October 2018.

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Hey Skeeter,

I'm in Fargo ND FYI

Sometimes take trips to Minneapolis



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