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Melatonin for sleep

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can you take melatonin whilst tapering mirtazapine? Not sure if i need it just yet but have had some external stressors which has compromised my overall sleep.

Finasteride 1mg daily 2005 - April (approx) 2016 did have break from them.

Dex amphetamine 30mg Daily taken irregularly March 2012 - March 2015

Lexapro April 2016 only took 1 tablet unsure what mg ended up in emergency with thoughts of self harm discharged from hospital was given 20mg Valium and 30mg mirtazapine

30mg April 2016 - current been tapering from 30mg, 15mg May 2016, 7.5mg July 2016,Aug 2016 3.75mg Cold turkey Sept 2016 reinstated after 12dayslater 3.75mg Feb 2017 3.4mg March 2017 3.2mg April 2017 3mg

June 25, 2017 2.8mg August 14th 2017, 2.7mg, Sept 18, 2017 2.6mg Oct 26 up-dose 2.65mg due to 5 weeks of severe withdrawal 2.6mg 23rd Nov 2017 30th 2.5mg Nov 2017 2.4mg  19th Dec 2017  then forced 2.45mg up-dose 2.45mg due to severe withdrawals 2nd Jan 2018 up-dose  2.5mg 4th Jan 2018 withdrawals were too severe up-dose 2.55mg 23 Jan 2018  continued severe withdrawals near 3 weeks, 14th March 2018 2.5mg, 24th June 2018 2.45mg, 2.4mg 25th July 2018, 2.35mg 7th August 2018, 2.3mg 22nd October 2018, 2.25mg, 2.2mg 6th Dec 2018, 2.1mg 12 January 2019, 2mg 23rd Jan 2019, 1.95mg 12 March 2019, 1.9mg 12th March 2019, 1.85mg 22 June 2019, 1.8mg 19th July 2019, 1.75mg 16 Sep 2019, 1.7mg 4 October 2019, 1.75mg 5 October - severe withdrawals, need to complete essays. 1.7mg 11th November 2019, 1.65mg 2019 Had horrific nightmare up-dose  to 1.7mg on 18th December 2019, 24th December 2019 1.65mg, 17th January 2020 1.6mg-long hold due to ongoing severe withdrawals, low blood pressure, what appears to be chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety. 15th May 2020 1.58mg, 3rd August 2020 1.56mg, 2nd September 2020 1.54mg, 28th September 2020 1.52mg experienced nightmare, along with severe withdrawals, air hunger & high anxiety, due to exams will temporarily up-dose on 30th September 2020 1.54mg

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Meletonin gets me to sleep, but the real problem is waking up at 3am and not being able to get back to sleep. 

melatonin has helped me alot. i used to have such a hard time falling asleep sometimes staying awake until midnight and it would drive me insane but ever since i started taking melatonin falling asleep has been much easier. to bad it dosent help with staying asleep because i still wake up earlly. i would definetly recomend it to people who suffer from insomnia as a side effect.


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I am 15 months out of a severe immediate adverse reaction. I only have a few strong symptoms remaining and this week experienced my first window of 4 days feeling almost completely normal.


What I am also experiencing now is extreme difficulty falling asleep sometimes taking many hours. Once I am asleep I do not wake up again. 


Would it be safe to take melatonin this far out?


Getting less sleep is starting to bother me in other ways mainly feeling hungover and exhausted every day.



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I've had no problems with melatonin.  But keep in mind everyone is different.  I take it with chamomile tea before bed.  

Previously - Escitalopram ("Lexapro"): 03 - 05/2018 - 10mg // 05/2018 - 12/2019 - monthly hyperbolic dose reduction to 0.


I am not a medical doctor.  Always consult a qualified medical professional before taking any substance.

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If you do try anything new, only start with a small dose.  And only one thing at a time.  So therefore, if you do not already drink camomile tea you would not drink camomile tea and try melatonin at the same time.

NEW!!!     INTERVIEW with Altostrata, SA's founder    NEW!!! 


REMINDER TO SELF:  I don't need the drug now, but my still brain does.

Current from 9 Jan 2021:  Pristiq 0.405 mg

ADs since ~1992:  25+ years - 1 unknown, Prozac (muscle weakness), Zoloft; citalopram (pooped out) CTed (very sick for 2.5 wks a few months after); Pristiq:  50mg 2012, 100mg beg 2013 (Serotonin Toxicity)  Tapering Oct 2015 

My tapering program   My Intro (goes to my tapering graph)  My website

PLEASE NOTE:  I am not a medical professional.  I provide information and make suggestions.

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I have used melatonin for years during my taper and before it. 

I was prescribed too big dose of melatonin (by a psychiatrist) and that caused issues (5-10 mg). That was too much. I read that just a tiny dose can help sleep, big amounts of melatonin is not needed. It will just more likely cause side effects and it did it. I tapered melatonin to 0,5 mg and I have thought I have tolerated it during taper. Now I have started to think is melatonin actually causing issues in my case. I have problem  with uncomfortable sensations in my legs/akathisia/difficult to sit down because feel so restless and uncomfortable. I have read melatonin can make RLS worse in some cases and intensify RLS symptoms. (inhibits the secretion of dopamine). I have thought about stopping melatonin. I am going to taper off it because I have used it for so long. I have thought about stopping melatonin after benzo taper but I think I will start to taper both at the same time.  Hopefully insomnia doesnt get worse.


2005-2009 Lexapro 10-20mg & Remeron 7,5mg: cold turkey

2010 tried Venlafaxine (month),  2014 6 days Cipro(antibiotics) adverse reaction

2011-2012 Seroquel 25mg (8 months) & 2011-2015 Lexapro 10-20mg (tapered off during 4 months)

2015-2016 (all these drugs during 9 months,did not tolerate most of them ) : tried Remeron. Tried to reinstate Lexapro 3 months after quitting it: fail. Akathisia, insomnia. Then went to hospital: Zyprexa10mg, Sodium Valproate, Temazepam(20mg), Oxazepam 30-45 mgs. switching meds: Seroquel 50-100mg, Oxazepam  30-45mg , Temazepam 20mg. Then back to Zyprexa 10mg, Temazepam20mg, doctor took me off Oxazepam fast. Then Zyprexa 20mg, Temazepam 20mg, melatonin10mg ( sometimes very rarely Valium 10 mg.) Zyprexa: cold turkey because Zyprexa 20 mg made akathisia intolerable after every dose. After it insomnia, 24/7 akathisia. Bad reactions to supplements

2016 spring daily  Valium 15mg>0mg (used for 4,5 months and during that time slowly tapered off), Temazepam 40 mg > 25 mg (tapered in 3 months)

2016 summer Temazepam 25 mg > 20 mg, melatonin 2,5 mg

2016 november Melatonin 0,5 mg, Temazepam 20 mg.  Started tapering again.

2021 january (microtapering) Temazepam 4,4 mg Supplements: probiotics, magnesium oil occasionally, melatonin 0,5 mg

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