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WorriedSoul: worried about girlfriend

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Hi, first time posting. No experience with Antidepressants but my girlfriend just started taking them 


I've known her for 4 years now and we are long distance. I've been planning on making the move to her state very soon but she recently got on an SSRI to help with her anxiety. I think i made it clear that i'm against these drugs and she knows what's best for her, but I am so scared that she will end up loosing herself to these drugs and become a different person. I'm worried about moving there and her being a different person or her becoming distant/ less interested in me. ultimately making it a very hard move. I let her know my concerns and she wants me to support her. I wish I could but I cant get over this hunch about what might happen. Does anyone have insight? She plans on taking them for a few months, but I feel like that is enough time to do damage. Please help me understand how to handle the situation.


Edit: she doesn't want to tell me which one she's taking because she doesn't want to worry me further. But its 10mg. 

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Hi WorriedSoul and welcome to SA,


I can understand your concern about making such a big change to your own life.  Please check out the other topics about relationships affected by psychiatric drugs:  relationships-and-social-life

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