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Dear @Dizzy4 how are you feeling? I’ve just come across your post because I’m a Venlafaxine victim too, and I was really sympathising… I hope that you’re well 🤗 All the best x

At 15 years old: unknown antidepressant.
2005-2007: Venlafaxine. Overdosed on benzos.
2011- 2012: Fluoxetine.

2013: started Duloxetine. Overdosed on Zolpidem.
2015: started Venlafaxine 225mg prolonged release after crashing from stopping Duloxetine.
2021, 5th March: Venlafaxine crash from withdrawal begins (from 225mg to 37.5mg in 6 weeks then cold turkey by doctor’s advice).

2021 July: started taking 5HTP, GABA, LTheanine, LTaurine, multivitamin, fish oil, magnesium, holy basil and lithium Orotate, following Julia Ross’.
2021 August: doctor put me on beta blockers 40mg twice a day as I refuse to touch any psych medication. Currently tapering from 10mg.

September: hospitalised.

2021, 8th October: Mirtrazapine 15mg

2021, 18th October: Mirtrazapine to 30mg

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