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MyJourney1111: Prozac tapering for over 4 weeks


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Hi Everyone,


I'm new to this site, but so happy to find some encouragement and wisdom. My story is prob not so unique but it's been a challenge none the less. I'm currently trying to taper completely of Prozac. I started taking 10mg in August 2016, 2 months after my mom died. I have 2 little girls, i was divorced the year before and I had lost my job due to a re-organization of business plans. This was all in 2 years. 


Oh, I also, within the last 2 months stopped taking 150mg of Wellbutrin. This wasn't a challenge or so i thought. 

My dose of 10MG of Prozac was great at first, then I switched to 20 and then onto 30/sometimes 40 up until 4 weeks ago.


I felt like it stopped working and all I was left with was a complete undesirable side effect profile.  I decided it was time to stop taking it. i hated the fact that I needed to be on medication in the first place. So when I really felt like I could d/c it, it was for good reason.  I had no idea that the feelings I was having at that time would be so different than now.


But OMG, the headaches came almost immediately, energetic twitches in my body, my dreams became so vivid, too vivid. ( almost like i liked the veil of being on this drug more in my sleep). Over the last two weeks as Ive tapered in between 10/20 and now at 5/10 it's been a steady decline of emotional health. Today for instance, very very sad. I feel like it's been coming. But anyone that has been truly depressed or emotionally abused can tell you that they can recognize the signs of that slope.


Why is this happening? I had no idea this would be such a battle. At times i feel more alive than I have in a couple year( very few ) and other times I wonder what I could have done without this medicine for 2 years. 

For the record, I exercise 5 days a week, I'm a vegetarian so it has nothing to do with the health of my body. Just my brain. Ha Ha 


Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions? What can I do differently? I really want to stop taking this medication.





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 I'm keeping my dose of 2mg of Lorazapam at night without the prozac and wellbutrin cocktail I'm used too. I'm not ready to to let the Benzo go. Gapa ER I sold, literally to docs. It's good for w/d from alcohol. Other than that, I've studied the molecule. it's dirty, lots of inactive metabolites. Not an expert, but far from beginner. 

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I found your site today, I myself have been in the midst of depression, ADHD, anger since 2106. I'm only asking for positive, insightful replies. My life at the moment is a list of drugs I didn't even recognize two years ago. I'm trying to get off them one by one. Sometimes I do fail and i go back on. It's such a journey. One that I feel my should plays tricks on me. One minute asking to medicate it to feel better and the next crawling out of head.................

My list of meds is a joke. Only because I have no idea now how to unravel them. I would love to help and be helped through this journey.

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Welcome, MyJourney.


When was your last dose of Prozac? How did you go off? How are you feeling today?


Do you have any Prozac left? It sounds like you have withdrawal symptoms, and that's why you go back on the drugs. Don't blame yourself.


To help us out, follow these instructions Please put your drug and withdrawal history in your signature

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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