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Happy2Heal my Victory statement

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On 9/29/2020 at 1:54 PM, Happy2Heal said:

just a short few weeks til I'm 3 years past zero!! 


congratulations!  as always, you are an inpiration to me.  and the way time passes, both slow and fast, makes sense since covid. I find the days draaaaaag and the months fly by. 



On 9/29/2020 at 1:54 PM, Happy2Heal said:

I've got myself an instant pot, best invention ever!!


I need to find out more about this - I have no personal experience but have heard others rave about it. so, it's the opposite of a slow cooker?  the only thing I've used is a "crockpot" - in fact, I own one but haven't used it in a year - and I'm not even sure if it's the same thing as a "slow cooker". 


On 9/29/2020 at 1:54 PM, Happy2Heal said:

but it makes me a little sad that I don't appreciate what I have now


yes, apparently we all have to work at that as hard as we can. our brains keep re-setting to say, OK THIS is now normal and we don't recall it used to be worse without putting in some effort. 


the last time I'd lived through a smoke season (from wildfires) I swore I'd never take clean air for granted and I kept that up for maybe a year - 2 years later, horrible hazardous smoke conditions here for 10 days and I fell apart. I haven't gotten over it yet. 🙄

Currently taking Ramapril (blood pressure) 5 mg twice a day

Omeprazole 10 mg AM and 20 mg PM  (the taper has gone nowhere after the first cut)

Famotidine   once a day (and I still needs tums sometimes)

magnesium 200 mg at night

as of yesterday 2 fish oil capsules "EPA-DHA 1000"


off Lexapro as of 5/2018  - last dose had been 5 mg every other day for a couple years


highest dose had been 20 mg at which point I was diagnosed with Bipolar II, which went away when I cut the lexapro down to 15 mg. 


I spent years on Paxil before Lexapro (can't remember dose), briefly on Effexor and Abilify and others I have forgotten. in fact, when I was diagnoses with BPII I was put on all kinds of things which made me feel so bad I stopped them cold turkey within maybe 3 or 4 weeks, thank goodness. since then I've known these pills were terrible and I weaned down the Lexapro with zero help or support over I'm not sure how many years. 


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