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I am posting this b/c I am at a loss as to how to deal with this, not sure if it's the WD or something else.


Since recovering from a 5th metatarsal bone  break 3.5 years ago, I've been gradually getting back to my prior gym workout intensity to regain my flexibility, stamina, strength, and slim physique - not to mention the myriad mental/emotional benefits. Have had to also deal w/muscle pain & tightness, which I have been successfully treating w/trigger point therapy techniques.


I've been doing great, although it's taking much longer than I figured, all of the above mentioned areas are gradually improving, I feel and look better all the time.


The past couple of weeks, however, the muscle aches and tightness are roaring back w/a vengeance, to the point where I'm unable to do simple things like reaching up into a kitchen cabinet, lifting up my leg to remove my sock, walking lunges in the gym, etc, etc. Combined with intermittent joint pain in previously healed areas. No amount of self-treatment is making a dent in this, which is totally puzzling given how things have been up to now.


I am thinking of checking out a trigger point physical therapist that my therapist recommended, and who has a bunch of glowing help reviews, but part of me  is wondering if it would be a waste of time/money/effort/hope, if it's due to the WD.


Sorry for the long post - I'm wondering whether anyone here can relate, and if so, what has been the outcome?


Thanks in advance!



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I relate to the topic, due to low back and neck pain.  As a junior in high school playing football, I somewhat accidentally ran straight into another player and got my head snapped back causing neck pain.  It subsided and I never had it checked out.  In my 30's I lifted a tire wrong and wound up with a bulged disk which caused excruciating pain.  This took a year to heal and feel better.

Now at age 70, I'm experiencing pain in these two areas.  Usually it is low grade ongoing pain.  But lately, any little wrong movement on my part can cause the pain to worsen.  The pain can drain my energy, cause headaches,  stomach queesiness, and require bed rest.  Fortunately, a day or two of rest will bring me back to a better state.  I do go to the gym for a light work out, three times a week.  I try to be very careful when doing any chores around the home and yard.  Since I know bending down repetitively is hard on my back, I pay others to do chores like raking up leaves in the yard.

I currently do light physical therapy exercises on my own, which loosens things up a bit.

I have tried massage for pain.  I have tried chiropractic.  I have tried physical therapy.  I have tried pain medication.  I have tried a few other things.

I don't want surgery.  I don't want a large needle in my back to give me pain killer medication.

My conclusion is, I will just have to live with it.

I believe continuing to keep moving, is the best key to maintaining my physical well being.

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