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mdwstrx: Lexapro taper or not?

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Thanks for the link Chessie.  I am definitely praying for others on this website.  We all need it so much!



Day 26 from reinstatement.  Symptoms are still prevalent.  Ebbing and flowing.   When taken, Propanolol is masking some of them to a good extent, thank the Lord..

  • Question 1:  almost 30 days out, can anyone say the reinstatement was/wasn't successful? 


Since this began, I've learned that switching SSRIs without tapering can also cause withdrawal.  I believe this occurred in a situational depression I had many years ago when a physician's assistant switched through 2 SSRI then back to Lexapro in 3 month's time, when the initial Lexapro didn't ward off the episode. That took 5-6 months to fully resolve.

  • Question 2:  Any thoughts as if the first episode above is an indicator of how long this might take knowing I didn't have depression when I jumped off.


NOTE: For anyone interested, 5 mg of Propanolol has been a Godsend for me.

I am hoping it does not quit working until this all passes....




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It is too soon to tell.  While some notice relief soon after reinstatement or updose, for others it can take weeks or months.







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Thanks Gridley.  Holding then until who knows..... 

Another question.  I ordered Taurine after reading it was helpful to some.  Trying to combat the akathisia.  Any harm in trying 500mg?  From the posts I've read, it doesn't seem to be a problem.  I think Alto tried it and thought it helped her.


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