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planifolia: Lexapro reinstatement

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Hi planifolia


I'm in a very similar situation as you. Reinstated zoloft after a 4 week fast taper. I reinstated a month later at half my original dose and its been 4 months that I have been awaiting stabilization as well. I haven't done myself any favors by adjusting my dose up and down during that time, like you, trying to find that sweet spot. All I've succeeded in doing is keeping my system destabilized. I've only had one window of about 2 days since last November. I have the same psychological symptoms as you as well as several physical ones, and the anxiety, especially in the morning, is very problematic. If I were you I would listen to bubble and sit still on your dose. You're already seeing improvements and I'm sure that will continue.


Keep your head up!

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