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Prescription Drug and Awareness Day - Wales


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2006 Citalopram 20mg on and off to 2013.  April 2013 - July 2014  Sertraline, Venlafaxine, Fluoxetine, Mirtazapine v. bad reactions. July 2014 - CT Mirtazapine.  July 2014 - February 2016 Medication free, long term w/d.  February - July 2016 Fluoxetine.  Medication free, long term w/d syndrome.  2017 Jan physical breakdown.

2017 February - March Escitalopram, Nortriptyline instated.  Lorazepam, Zopiclone PRN.  April 2017 Lithium Carbonate 250mg 1 wk. 14 August 2017 finish cross to Diazepam 22.5mg daily, stop Zopiclone



2017 21 August - 21.25mg down to 30 Dec - 14.5mg 2018 6 Jan - 11 May down to 12mg.  2 June updose to 12.25mg - holding. 2019 (0.5mg cuts) - 12 Jan 12mg to 28 Dec down to 10mg 2020 (0.25mg cuts) - 25 Jan 9.75mg to 29 Dec down to 6.25mg 2021 Doses at 5.30am and 6pm (different quantities) **May have bungled dose and accidentally took 1mg more for about a month (approx 7.25mg), so 4 Jan started again at 6.5mg; 19 Jan 6.25mg; 1 Feb 6.0mg; 23 Feb 5.75mg; 9 Mar 5.5mg; 23 Mar 5.25mg; 9 Apr 5.0mg; 6 May 4.75mg; 13 May 4.5mg; 6 Jun 4mg; 12 July 3.5mg; 2 sep 3.0mg; 15 Sep 2.5mg

Escitalopram Dose at 9.30am - 10mg (tried twice to reduce by 0.1mg, got spooked by extreme fatigue and depression both times, back to original dose)  

Nortriptyline  2018 Dose at 8.30pm 90mg to 2020 1 Dec down to 72.5mg; 2021 20 May 70mg; 8 Jun 67.5mg; 24 Jun 65mg; 31 July 60mg; 12 Oct 55mg


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