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Question about metabolism of Depakote and Baclofen during tapers


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After I get off of Remeron and Zoloft, all that remains is Depakote and Baclofen. After the former two, I also plan to slowly reintroduce supplements, specifically trying things like CBD and Black Seed Oil for my anxiety. I know not to mess with supplements during the withdrawal process due to my own sensitivity - all I currently take is Magnesium Glycinate and Ginger. I also know to avoid certain supplements and herbs because they inhibit liver enzymes that metabolize these medications, and thus don't maintain steady blood levels of the medications.

My question is... When I only have Depakote and Baclofen remaining to wean off of, could I begin to take certain supplements, now that the "heavy-hitter" anti-depressants (that are metabolized by the liver) are gone?

According to Wikipedia, Depakote is metabolized "Hepatic—glucuronide conjugation 30–50%, mitochondrial β-oxidation over 40%." So still in the liver, but not by the CYP450 system...? On the other hand, I've found these pages that do suggest Depakote is metabolized by CYP450:

And according to Wikipedia, Baclofen is metabolized "85% excreted in urine/faeces unchanged. 15% metabolised by deamination," which seems mostly independent from the liver.

I am quite eager to safely experiment with non-habit forming supplements like Black Seed Oil, etc, and would like to try them as soon as I safely could. Thanks for any advice!!

2007 - Started Klonopin on and off, never consistently.
2014 - Began Remeron 60mg, Depakote 750mg, Baclofen 30mg. 2015 - Began Zoloft 25mg.

Early 2019 - Began clonazepam .75mg daily.
2018-2019 - Tapered off Remeron, Depakote, and Baclofen.
Jan 1 2020 - Off of Zoloft entirely.

April 2020 - Began attempt taping off Clonazepam. Finished in December, had severe, near-psychotic anxiety and reinstated .25mg clonazepam and 30mg Baclofen
May-July 2022 - Tapered off Clonazepam from .25mg to .125mg

Currently: .125mg Clonazepam, 30mg Baclofen
Symptoms: Severe anxiety, Depression, OCD, Derealization, Fatigue
Etc: Magnesium Glycinate, Paleo diet (10+ years), walking, yoga, biking, breathwork, therapy

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