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Help with my mother

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Hey guys, I love this website and I’m currently tapering off Prozac (40mg) and I’ve been on it for 3 years roughly. This site has woken me up. But my mother , on the other hand has been taking Effexor (225mg) for roughly ten years now and I’ve been trying to inform her and I seriously care for her health and I’m extremely worried for her. She won’t believe me with anything about these pills and how extremely toxic they are. She’s very gullible. I don’t know what to do , it’s eating me up I’m afraid for her. I’ve sent her links and information and want to work with her to help her off them, because I already know the her doctor has no idea how to taper off them .. most doctors don’t . I don’t know what else to do , I’m scared of the day her doctor maybe cuts down her dosage or something happens and she can’t get her prescription. I know what will happen and the withdrawal she will have will be heartbreaking for me. Do I just accept she will never change and realize? She turns the other cheek and completely ignores me when I try to inform her of these poisonus pills. 

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Also .. I just began my taper five days ago. So I don’t know what withdrawal feels like yet. 

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HI PH welcome  .take it from someone in tremendous torchure for years  .Don't for one second take withdrawl lightly .ive been through lots of self in inflicted pain in my life  and withdrawl needs to be put in a whole different category.


coming off a drug can and does be much worse in different aspects .


Not everyone will be in the torture of withdrawl but its not something to take a chance on .

Read over the site extensively to inform yourself .A mod should be around to verse you better than I can but im very sensitive to newbies and don't want anyone needlessly putting themselves in danger .


im playing devils advocate in relation to your mam here .don't push her into something she will not be ready for ,extensive planning needs to be done before a drug is dropped and that's even if she wants to come off it  ,its her choice at the end of the day ,I commend you for your care but its far from this simple .

you have started your taper ,I wish you well with that but you will need to work on the worry about your mam  because itl stress you and this one of the worst contributors for tapers being harder than they need to be .

Go as slow as you can with your taper and clean up your life as best you can to remove the need for them in the future and having as pain free as possible taper   .


Do not go near my thread for a while because its a disaster[I came to the site in bits] ,keep on your own path and keep well as best you can and always learn .

Don't question your love and care for your mam on the basis of simply getting her off a drug ,its far from simple [DRs think otherwise ].

Some sort of life is better than being handicaped because of not understanding the madness that can come from dropping a med incorrectly .


This is not scaremongering ,just thread very carefully and all the best to you and your mam 🙏.

I will say again do not think my story will be yours [it wont ] so don't fret .

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Thanks so much ! I appreciate your response a lot 

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