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How Long Do the Shakes Last?


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It's been 3 1/2 years off of my 10 mg dose of Prozac. I wish I'd found this site before I fast tapered and I'd still be on a very low dose... It seems my WD symptoms from the fast taper have been much easier than some peoples'... although I did have a nervous breakdown and end up in an acute psychiatric facility for 5 days... So there's that! My self care is phenomenally good. I eat a really clean diet, I exercise (as much as I can but sometimes this can exacerbate symptoms), and I meditate a LOT. There has been slow improvement in my level of depression and anxiety. My cortisol levels have certainly dropped some because I can actually sleep now. Now I'll have a day or 3 of crying followed by a week or so of less emoting. I do have some symptoms though that seem not to vary much: shakiness (full body but most easily seen in hands) and this feeling that I have a hard time explaining (even to my therapist) that "all is not well" and it's not attached to an event. Is this dysphoria? Does anyone know how long these symptoms might last? I figure from my original dose of 10mg that a 4 1/2 year slow taper would've had me off... does the FT lengthen the period of time, or just make the WD worse? Or both?



Zoloft (?mg) for 2 to 3 wks in 1993. Couldn't tolerate side effects. Paxil (?mg) after the 2 to 3 weeks on Zoloft. Once again couldn't tolerate side effects. No antidepressants until spring of 1998. Went on 10mg of Prozac. Tried (maybe) 8 different times to taper off Prozac but each time had no support from Doctors and failed. Tried other ad's in it's place several times over the 19 years I was on it. The only one I remember well was Celexa (?mg) felt like I was on cocaine and went back on Prozac. Stayed on same mg of Prozac for 19 years because couldn't tolerate side effects of increased dosage (the worst of which was a systemic 'buzzing' of my nervous system). Finally tapered off Prozac in August of 2016 very unscientifically. Decreased from 10 mg/day everyday to 10mg/day 4 days, 0mg 1 day for several weeks. Then down to 3 days on, 1 day off for several weeks. 2 on 1 off same... 1 on 1 off same. This process took me around 2 months as I remember although it might have been a faster taper than that.

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