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cakesgimmecakes Prozac WD Update - 3 Years Out

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ADMIN NOTE Here is cake's Introductions topic:



Cakesgimmecakes here. I was asked to give an update.


I am fully recovered from Prozac withdrawal at this point. It's been 3 years and 2.5 months EXACTLY today. 


The issues SSRIs left me with are things I'm still contending with, which are hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue, digestive issues.  I no longer blame any symptom I have on Prozac withdrawal. Prozac is a distant memory now, and I'm so grateful I have ME back. 


Things that helped me:


Vit D

Sun in the morning on retinas

Digestive enzymes

No sugar - you must be strict with this; it matters because the inflammation and blood sugar swings sugar causes stress out an already stressed-out central nervous system


Mediation - rewire your brain to relax, it works

Avoidance of any pharmaceuticals 



CBT/therapy - this is huge

Sleep when I could get it

Supplement tolerance was low for a long time. I could not take fish oil or many, many vitamins. I was unable to sleep for years. NAC helps me sleep now, and controlling blood sugar.


I have learned so much from my experience, and I am still angry about what happened to my life because of Big Pharma. I do not go to Western/allopathic/conventional doctors; I only seek natural remedies and holistic/naturopathic/functional doctors. Depression is truly about dysfunction elsewhere in the body. Low T3 in the thyroid, cortisol issues (read: stress), nutritional deficiences, poor communication with others/not feeling fulfilled by goals/lack of goals that truly fill the soul, no exercise, SIBO/candida/digestive woes, wonky reproductive hormones, poor sleep, toxic humans you're around, bad job. Truth: Life will never be the same after you expose your brain to these toxic chemicals. In time, I do believe society will catch on to the dangers. Pills are a quick fix for temporary issues, which excellent nutrition, sun, exercise, and therapy can take care of in most cases. We trusted our doctors and got burned. I do believe in science and that the body is designed to heal itself and the brain has incredible neuroplasticity capabilities. This is why exercise and nutrition are so important. They do make a difference. I encourage everyone to read up on the actual science behind meditation. It's not quackery. It helped because it does change the brain for the better. People recover. I'm living proof. YET, life is not perfect. I struggle with fatigue and bad moods, but my life currently is pretty stressful, and I am dealing with thyroid and adrenal issues. This is life.


To this day I still pray for those suffering from psych issues and psych drug withdrawal most evening. You are not alone. Keep the faith. I believe a power greater than me is more powerful than any drug, and there can be miracles.





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Beautiful!!!!  Thank you. 

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cakes, you have done a remarkable job of taking care of yourself. Those health problems are difficult, but it looks like you've got them in hand.


Congratulations on your recovery from withdrawal.

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Wonderful.  You gave me so much inspiration and our stories seem similar. Im almost 11 months off zoloft and almost 8 months off zyprexa i was on the zoloft for 1 year. And tapered too quick tried reinstating made me worse ended up in the pysch ward and put on zyprexa for 10days and slowly tapered. Its been a long very scary year. Im big into nutrition too. I was wondering what kind of diet/lifestyle do you reccomend i eat extremely well. Also just finished tapering the naturthroid the dr put me on 8 months ago and felt was making me worse :/. Obviously have adrenal issues. I still struggle with windows and waves but much improvement. Insaw you said you had suicidal ideations which was horrible those just let up. But the severe depression hopelessness has been horrible but thay has been better better but it comes and goes. Did you have this too? Any insight or advice much appreciated thank you. Glad your doing so well!@

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Congratulations! ☺️ And thank you for your update, it really means a lot. Amazing that you got yourself back!  💕

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I found your post while trying to learn more about NAC for insomnia, my main problem.  I'm glad for your recovery and thank you for stating how you achieved it.  Some of the things I'm already doing but I believe that I need to incorporate more of your behaviors.  Even most of your insight into what you have learned or believe is extremely similar to my thinking.

Thank you for your post.

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