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Remembering to take your dose - reminder ideas

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Some ideas.  Set a reminder on your phone.  Carry a dose with you if convenient.  Use a day pill box or count out a week's worth of doses into a container so you can see if you have missed a dose.


The last suggestion actually worked for me the other day because I couldn't remember taking my capsule.  I was able to count the remainder and knew that I had taken it.


Another suggestion.  Have a "tick off" chart or calendar so that you actually have to do something to indicate you have taken your dose.


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I starting doing all of the above and have not missed a dose since.


I noticed I never missed a dose of the drug I am tapering because the ritual of diluting it is so lengthy it is impossible to forget, so I developed a drawn-out ritual to take the doses of the drug I am not tapering:


1. Set a phone alarm, the same tone each time of day I need to take a dose so there is no confusion.  In fact I don't set alarms for anything else on this phone so there is no confusion at all.  I hear an alarm, and I think, "dose."

2. When the alarm goes off, do not turn if off until AFTER I have completed the rest of this list.  That way I can't get distracted.

3. Take the dose (which I keep in my purse).  I have a pill box with a removeable piece for each day of the week:  https://www.amazon.com/AUVON-iMedassist-Moisture-Proof-Compartments-Supplements/dp/B074MC6HJR/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=pill+box&qid=1554511148&s=gateway&sr=8-9

4. Put a smiley sticker on a mini-calendar.  I keep the stickers and mini-calendar in my purse.

5. If it is the last dose of the day, I put the removable piece from the pill box for the next day in my purse.

6. Finally I turn off the cell phone alarm--task complete!


Tapering symptoms have been less since I stopped missing doses.  



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