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DRUG$: The Price We Pay - Documentary

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A new documentary was released last month on the pharmaceutical industry and it's available in full on YouTube: 


DRUG$: The Price We Pay Feature Film video (1 hour, 20 minutes)


December 4, 2018


This documentary covers:


  • The reason drugs are so expensive, especially in the US 
  • The enormous money that the CEOs of big pharma make 
  • Where the funding of drug research really comes from 
  • The problems created by direct-to-consumer advertising
  • The problem of ghostwritten articles in medical journals
  • Various settlements and judgements levied by the Department of Justice against the different pharma companies
  • The problems of capitalism in healthcare, including patents, which are "lawful monopolies"
  • The fact that the US Congress is literally "owned" by pharma lobbyists
  • And much, much more. 




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I can't bear to watch this, at least at the moment, but it's a good share. I do not want to grow old in this country. 😞


does anyone from a civilized country want to adopt me? 

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