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Thanks for websites and things

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Express your thanks here! To your family, friends, an item, an experience, an idea, a food, or anything else.


For me, I want to express my opinion that I am very thankful there are websites like this one for people struggling with life issues to get together and talk. In my real life, I am too shy to approach anyone about these issues. This is not because I think they won't believe me or listen, but that I might feel even worse if they have negative opinions about me because of my condition. Also, sometimes they may be unable to relate, especially being busy in their lives.


After dumping some of my concerns on this website (sorry about that), I feel really refreshed in a way I would never feel otherwise. I'm glad that my experience could take such a turn to bring me to such a socially supportive place, something I may have not had if I was perfect all the way.


Also I am thankful for my family, pie (its a delicious pastry), mountains (for hiking), chlorophyll (for breathing), cars (for convenience), and clay (so I can make sculptures). Also video games (because they are fun). And pandas (a friendly cuddly bear), and birds (nice sounds).


I feel expressing thanks makes myself happy, so here is a place for everyone to do that too.

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