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Taper rates for short duration exposure (<3 weeks)

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Hi All, it's been a while. Hope all is good.


Can I get some advice on what taper rate to choose for someone who had their dose doubled

and after two weeks wants to return to something approaching the previous dose?



In this case the person is a 42-year-old woman who has been on various ADs for 10 years, 30mg Duloxetine for the past few years.

Additionally there's a dependance on Xanax and Zolpidem.


A psychiatrist told them they'd be able to get free from the benzo and z-drug with the increased duloxetine,

but said she'd need to be on the duloxetine for life.


Two weeks down the line she's experiencing side effects and not much effect.

Never having really believed in ADs in the first place the placebo magic has never been accessible to her.



So she has been on 60mg Duloxetine for two weeks.

Can this be tapered a little faster to skip the years-long taper requirement back down to 30mg?


Many thanks,


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Hi, DoctorM.


If this person went from 30mg to 60mg only two weeks ago, she can back down to 30mg right off.


If she's been taking at least 30mg for more than a month, a more gradual taper from 30mg is advisable.

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That's a big relief, Alto. Thanks so much.. will pass that on..

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