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Anxiety and panic attacks - Dr Claire Weekes

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She says to use tranquilizers for the first couple weeks, however SA generally does not recommend the use of other drugs or supplements (other than Magnesium and Omega-3 Fish Oil).


Dr Claire Weekes - Born: 11 April 1903, Died: 2 June 1990




See also:   the-dr-claire-weekes-method-of-recovering-from-a-sensitized-nervous-system



If in the throws of a serious wave be careful ,it will only frustrate you and even trigger you  but this women is a genius at explaining the process  .Maybe give it to a friend or family member if there struggling with anxiety and everything that comes it .


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added cross link and note about tranquillers

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i love this lady. we could do with more people like her in the world. ❤️

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