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nsbk: did curcumin help with citalopram withdrawal symptoms

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was on citalpram 20mg for 6 yrs, stopped form 6 months, worse symptoms, headaches, blurred visions, chills, confusion, dizziness, muscle cramps, diarrhea.etc, not wanting to go back to antidepressant. reading a lot abt suing curcumin as a natural replacement for citalopram. just started form 2 days, hoping it will help me anyone had any experience how it helped m what did you do to get relief from symptoms. also any experience abt safforn supplement.thanks

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Hi nsbk,

Welcome to the site, and I hope we can be a place of support for you.  We have members and moderators here at various stages of healing.  Some are at the beginning of withdrawal, some are still tapering meds, others are midway through withdrawal, and others are recovered.  It's a wide community.

Let me make sure I understand your medication history correctly:

You were on citalopram (a.k.a. Celexa, an SSRI) for 6 years.  Six months ago you stopped citalopram cold turkey.  Two days ago you started taking a curcumin supplement.  Are those details correct?

We'd like to be as helpful here as possible, and it would be great if you could fill out a signature so we can get your medication history at a glance.  The signature is just like an email signature; it's a short blurb that automatically appears every time we post.  We use these signatures to quickly get a summary of each other's meds, so we can help out. Here's how to create your signature:


a.) Look at the top right of the page where your name appears

b.) Click on your name and you'll see a pull-down menu appear

c.) Under that menu, click on Account Settings

d.) You'll get taken to a new page.  Look at the left side of that page

e.) Click on Signature

f.) Fill out a short list of your medication history and dates you took the meds in the box that pops up.  (For example, you can write Sertraline 60 mgs from July 2016 to Sept 2018.)  

g.) Click Save and then you can go back to the rest of the site and keep chatting 


After you've been on this site for a while and posted on your own intro topic for a while, your first post with your detailed backstory will get pushed back by pages and pages, so the signature helps people see your concise story so they can respond.

To give you some hope to look forward to, let me assure you that I went through those symptoms, too, and I'm incredibly improved!  You asked about ways to get relief, and I will be honest that I did not have luck with supplements.  For me, I stuck with normal foods and ate as healthy as possible, but supplements seemed to cause bad luck for me.  The best relief for me was good food, lots of rest, lots of hydration with water, and it was also very important to distract myself so I didn't get hopeless.  That means I watched a lot of TV.  A lot.  Something I've said a few times on this site is that I'm not ashamed of how much time I spent just laying down and watching TV—and that's true.  That seems to be all I did for a good, long while, and I have no regrets about that.  It was what my body needed.

Also, I highly recommend checking out the Success Stories on this website, because you will read about people who have healed.  When I was in withdrawal (WD), I would print out the Success Stories and underline the most hopeful parts in pink pen.  I swear that method helped me a lot.  I've been off meds for a little over 4 years at this point, and it's a world of difference now from where I used to be when I was in withdrawal.  My body has done so much healing that it's practically miraculous.   

Can you fill out the signature using the directions I wrote above, and then can you post a little bit more about what you do on a daily basis?  What kinds of foods do you eat?  Do you do any activity, or do you allow your body to rest?    

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Hi nsbk, 


I wanted to welcome you to SA too. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this.


Could you please fill out your signature so we can see your drug history at a glance. Thank you. 


The only two supplements recommended on SA are magnesium and fish oil. A lot of people find them helpful, but some can’t tolerate them either. Everything is trial and error when going through withdrawals because we can become sensitive to lots of things. If you decide to try these supplements, only try one at a time and start on low doses and work your way up. 


How are you doing on the curcumin? 


Take care, sending hugs🤗

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