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Different ways to recovery


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Be it recover from WD or mental illness,everyone have their own way,own thinking to work to recovery.Mine is working out daily,high doses of fish oil omega 3 in the morning and melatonin to aid my sleep.I wouldn’t want to leave any of these out because I see that they are helping even though my life ain’t good enough after 10 month off meds,but still feeling hopeful...What are your ways of dealing with withdrawal symptoms,or symptoms?


I started with high doses of fish oil,and regular sunlight,after two weeks I begin to exercise.I didn’t know what to help with my insomnia and briefly took midazolam for sleep.After I discovered melatonin,I have been using it instead of any psych meds

Jan 2009-Mar 2016---Abilify(20,15,10,5mg),Risperidal(3mg,2mg,1mg),Mirtazapine(30mg,15mg)


2 years before:

Mar 2016-Feb 2017---Abilify(5mg,2.5mg)


July 2017-Oct 2017---Olanzapine 15mg

Oct 2017-Nov 2017---Olanzapine 10mg

Nov 2017-Feb 2018---Olanzapine 5mg

Feb 2018-NOW---Olanzapine 2.5mg


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