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Maternal instincts?

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Hi There,


This is a general question to find out if anyone else had observed these changes. When I met my wife she was very interested in children in our future somewhere. However after 6-7 years of antidepressants she has absolutely no interest them. Over that time she became more and more numb emotionally, just wondering if anyone had specifically observed/felt a change in maternal instinct. It may be unrelated, I'm just curious.

She is now off the medications and going through hell trying to get through the long term withdrawal effects. 


Many thanks for anyones input on this.


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Hii. I used to want a family... Now the though disgust me. I feel kids would be an annoyance. I wasn't like this before the pills. I used to think what would I name my kids. I have lost empathy or any sense of caring for others. 

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