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I am 7 months off 100mg sertraline. I have ocd and it is the worst it’s ever been. I know my system is extremely sensitive because even fish oil gave me a bad reaction but I need some relief. Should I try sertraline again? Anyone had success reinstating this long?

Began taking Zoloft 50mg in August 2010 for OCD and anxiety. Did well on it for 5 years at that dosage. Was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2016 and dose increased to 100mg. Did great on that until May of this year when I started having panic attacks. My GP thought it was due to Zoloft poop out and wanted to try 40mg Celexa. No taper, just stop Zoloft and start Celexa. I took Celexa for 2 weeks but went back to Zoloft because of side effects. I had also been prescribed Ambien and thought that may be the cause of the sudden onset of panic attacks so I weaned off of Ambien had only been 3 weeks and it was still difficult) I then decided that I wanted to taper off Zoloft, too. I spoke with my GP and pharmacist and was told to reduce to 75mg, 50, then 25 etc. I had completely weaned off Zoloft by September. My GP gave me a prescription of Prozac 10mg but instead of taking them daily, I have taken once weekly for withdrawal support

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I’m having the same issue .. I was on 100 mg for 3 years I am now into my 9th off Month ct and the Symptoms are unbearable I am Imobile And can’t leave my house .. I think about going back on but can’t make a decision on it I’m stuck ..I wake up every 2 hours with no sleep itching.. that ocd came on in my 3rd month after and it’s now  worse .. I can’t even type I wish I had the answers for this 

Zoloft around 3 years 100mg .. I can’t remember the start date but it was discontinued in July of 2018

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