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I always took my medication without thinking really. I had a psychotic episode (due to insomnia, stress, and anxiety most likely) after Christmas in 2007. I was 13. I had been taking Lexapro for a few months. My M.D. prescribed it for me. I don't quite remember why. I think I might probably have been depressed and anxious. I only now realize that taking the Lexapro could very well have caused the insomnia and resultant delusions.


Anyway, I had a breakdown. I was seen by a psych. She (Dr. S.) prescribed Lamotrigine. It seemed to quell the delusions. I was back at school, medicated and delusion free. 


Over the years I developed fatigue, irritability, and apathy. I kept taking the drugs. For fatigue, I was prescribed Bupropion  (Wellbutrin). I can't remember if it helped or not. I did develop hypomanic episodes at some point which further supported my bipolar 2 diagnosis. I would also have bouts of depression. Not the crying kind. Just apathy and mild anhedonia. I say mild because I still did some things I loved such as piano, art, singing. I did eventually lose my passion for art though. It showed up now and then sometimes. 


I always was told by my mother "It will get better", and "It won't always be this way." It didnt comfort me much. Though, looking back, it did get better. Eventually. It took around a decade. But I'm not off meds yet. I moved with my parents to a smaller comfy house in 2014 and joined our local Orthodox Church, met some loving, supportive people and made a really good friend.


It did get better. But I still didn't know that there was an alternative for taking medication. I took my meds. I needed them. Or I thought I did. So did my mother. Now, my mother really has been with me all way. She's taking psych drugs too since I was in first grade for depression and anxiety.


I went to 2 mental institutes. Thankfully never the hospital psych ward. I know a lot of you on here have been. From what I hear it's not fun and can be traumatic. I remember the people I met at the institutes. Broken, struggling people trying to get by and looking for a little hope. I connected with them. I still miss them and hope they're still fighting.


I have a long story so I'll cut it up some in chunks. This is my first post. I'll write later about my experience at college (traumatic) and other things. I have some funny memories too so I'll put those in there as well. 


Don't give up! Anyone's welcome to share their experiences and stories too.



2006 - 13 years old: put on Lamictal (had previously been exposed to Lexapro but taken off)

sometime around 2007 or 2008 put on Wellbutrin  and Seroquel

2011 December put on Zipraisidone (Geodon)

sometime later 2012 maybe? put on small dose of Lithium

2018 had long psychotic episode but no hospitalization. Old psych put on Vraylar and took off Geodon not taking Seroquel anymore for a while, then saw new psych. Took off Lithium and Seroquel, dosed Wellbutrin down to 300 mg from 450 mg

2019 then taking Lamictal 300 mg, Wellbutrin 300 mg, tapered off Vraylar 

June 2019 hospitalized for psychosis put on Haldol 5 mg and Seroquel 400 mg. Saw psych after hospital, took off of Wellbutrin 300 mg and put back up on Lamictal 300 mg(hospital took down to 50 mg) 400 mg to 300 mg Seroquel and Haldol tapered to 2 mg. By end of year on 0.5 mg Haldol.

December 2019: saw new psych recommended to take 300 mg Lamictal at dinner (6pm).

Currently taking: 300 mg Lamictal with dinner (6pm), 300 mg Seroquel and 0.5 mg Haldol at night (9pm)

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