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Polly1963: surviving venlafaxine withdrawal when changing to fluoxetine


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Hi. I was on Venlafaxine for 4 weeks - 2 weeks at 37.5mg and 2 weeks at 75mg but I had a bad reaction to it so my doctor changed me to 29mg of Fluoxetine. I had to take 37.5 of Venlafaxine with the Fluoxetine for a week and then stoo the Venlafaxine. I have been on just the 20mg of Fluoxetine for 2 weeks and feel awful! I am sweating, shaky, nauseous and anxious. Is this the withdrawals from Venlafaxine or side effects of Fluoxetine please? Would appreciate some advice and how to deal with it. Thanks.

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Hi Polly, 


Welcome to SA. I’m sorry you’re having so many symptoms. You sound like you’re going through withdrawals. Going on and off meds and changing doses destabilises our brain. Cold turkeying medication, like you did, can certainly put you into withdrawals. I’ve been cold turkeyed off different medications as well, and the withdrawals were really severe. 


Could you please go to the Read This First forum and to the thread “Please Put Your Withdrawal History In Your Signature.” Thank you.


What date did you start the 37.5mg of Venlafaxine? What date did you go up to 75mg?


What dates where you on both the Venlafaxine and the Fluoxetine, and when did you totally stop the Venlafaxine?


So you’re on 20mg of Fluoxetine now, is that the dose you started on? 


Could you put all these dates and the doses in your signature. Thanks a lot.


Sending hugs🤗

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Been on antipsychotics, benzos, ADs and opiates for chronic pain. 

Was cold turkeyed and put on and off lots of things.Was suicidal n ended up in a psych ward because of akathisia from WDs. Can’t remember what I was put on but when I was released still had severe akathisia n was suicidal again. Back to the ward and more meds. Tapered off one and have been trying to taper off Seroquel since. It’s been many years of tapering. .

Tapered from 300mg of Seroquel to 7.5mg./2019:➡️ March 10=7.25mg ✔️  
April 17=7.0✔️ June 5th=6.75✔️ July 14th=6.50✔️Aug 28=6.25✔️

Oct 10=6.20 ✔️ Oct21=6.0✔️Dec16=5.80 ✔️                                
 2020➡️Jan 21=5.60✔️April 2=5.40✔️May 29=5.20✔️Aug14= 5.0 ✔️Sep 29=4.80✔️
 2021➡️ Jan 31=4.60 mg✔️April 24=4.40mg✔️Jul17=4.30mg ✔️Sep 8=4.20✔️ Oct 11=4.15✔️


I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. These are my own views based on what I’ve experienced myself.

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