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colinsma: Pristiq

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Omg, so much info on how to taper/discontinue Pristiq - been on this med for about a year...  The posts seem to be old.  Wondering if there's more updated trials on how to taper/discontinue this med.  I have been taking antidepressants for years (my son died).  I am just wanting not to be on this med.  I think it's called a "washout" - at least for a while.  As many know, one of the side effects is a bit of numbing; I cannot cry on this med - not that I want to cry - but if a med is that powerful, it makes me wonder what the hell else it's doing to my body.  Thanks to for any help from a moderator or to anyone else who is going through this same experience.  I just am wanting to do my "homework" before my doc appointment this July.  

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Hi colinsma and welcome to SA,


I've moved your post from the Tips for Tapering Pristiq topic and created your own Introduction topic where you can ask questions and journal your progress.


Did you check out the whole of this topic?  tips-for-tapering-off-pristiq-desvenlafaxine


I've been successfully tapering off 100mg Pristiq and am now down to 3.5mg.  The link to my information is in my signature below this post.


Why taper by 10% of my dosage?

Dr Joseph Glenmullen's Withdrawal Symptoms


Please create your drug signature using the following format.   Keep it simple.  NO diagnoses or symptoms please - thank you.

  • details for last 2 years - dates, ALL drugs, doses
  • summary for older than 2 years - just years and drug/s

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Hi Colinsma, 


Welcome to SA from me too. As you can see from ChessieCat’s post she has been tapering Pristiq successfully. Have you had a chance to look at her thread, and the other threads she’s posted. She’s gone down from 100mg to 3.5mg, so it can be done. 


Please let us know how you’re doing. 💚

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