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Trying to find Sinead’s introduction thread


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Hello 👋 


I was listening to the podcast “let’s talk about withdrawal” https://www.madinamerica.com/2017/06/sinead-16-years-treatment-antidepressants-subsequent-withdrawal/ and in one of the episodes was a lady called sinead who talked about her withdrawal experience. After 8 months off seroxat, she reinstated at full dosage and developed akathisia. However she eventually stabalized and I find this very encouraging, as I have been struggling to stabalize reinstating my lexapro. She mentions that she used survivingantidepressants.com starting around 2013. 


I’m taking a huge shot in the dark, but i just wanted to ask if anyone would know her introduction thread? Her real name probably is not sinead, and there’s not much to identify her with other than her story. 


I think i am probably posting this in the wrong forum topic, sorry if this is so!


Clonazapam:  01/2015 - 03/2015 2mg; 03/2015 Cold Turkey

Lexapro:  07/2007 - 08/2018 10-20mg; 08/2018 - 10/2018 Tapered to 0mg; 10/11/2018 Reinstated 7 days taper up to 20mg (took 3mg xanax/day first 3 days of reinstatement); 17/11/2018 20mg; 2/12/2018: 15mg; 3/12/2018 10mg; 5/12/2018 Developed violent spasms, back to 15mg;

6/1/2019 13.5mg; 27/3/2019 13mg; 2/4/2019 12.5mg; 11/4/2019 10mg; 25/5/2019 9mg; 8/7/2019; 8.75mg; 15/7/2019 8.5mg; 22/7/2019 8.25mg; 5month taper of 10%/month to 5mg on 12/2019;

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