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Boradrick: streamlining my regime

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I came across this forum in the recent New Yorker article and I’m excited to connect with others going through similar experiences. I’ve been dealing with this in isolation for far too long.


JAN 2019


Over the years, I’ve been put on an increasingly complex regime - see signature. At the start of the year as I understand it, the mainstays were Wellbutrin + Pristiq, augmented by Latuda. Plus Adderall to combat daytime lethargy. 


I wasn’t satisfied:

1) I don’t like being on so many meds. I felt a personal stigma, plus I’m scientifically trained. Surely this was too many variables in terms of optimizing further.

2) I was still suffering from evening lethargy, basically crashing out around 8-9pm which was impacting my relationship and family. 5mg Adderall and a coffee at 7pm, and I could still pass out an hour later.




This year, I’m working to simplify the regime with my psych. Immediate goals - taper Pristiq, stop Latuda. 2019 goal - reduce to two or three meds.


To taper the Pristiq, we added 10mg Prozac. We also added Abilify to replace the Latuda, which I hope to discontinue soon. So I went from 4 meds to 6, hoping this makes sense.


The Pristiq tapering has been a real journey

- The hardest phase was when I was taking 50mg every 2 days, then every 3 days.

- Thanks to this forum, I read that that was a bad idea (the rollercoaster certainly felt like one), and we switched to 25mg daily. Thats where I am now.

- The switch from 50 mg every 3 days -> 25mg daily surprised me by being the hardest transition in terms of depressive symptoms. This was combined with a foot injury which meant I couldn’t exercise much. When it rains, it pours!


Would love to hear your thoughts on any of the above. Stay strong.

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Hi Boradrick and welcome,


And yay......out of your isolation on this issue too! 

Thank you for getting your signature done!  I don't like poly-pharmacy either.....not at all! 



So you are presently on Pristiq, Prozac, Abilify for sure.  You mention that you are on six.

Are you still on Latuda then?  Wellbutrin, and Adderall?

That gives me a total of six. 

Please correct me, if I am off at all.


Could you do a brief daily log of sorts, and then share just one day here?   Just note the date across the top.......then note the time on the left, then drug/medication by name and dosage taken on the right.  Please include any supplements taken, sleep, symptoms(briefly) also on the right.

That will really help us to sort things out and find out how we might best help your efforts of tapering.

Daily notes example

This ^ should help with that.


How are you using the Prozac to taper the Pristiq?  What kind of cross over are you doing?


You might also go here Drugs.com, interactions checker and plug in all your current medications.  Copy and paste the results right here on your introduction page too.


I'm so glad you joined us.  And it sounds like you may have been reading around the site as well.   Well done!

Again, welcome aboard and this is your introduction page.  You've now introduced yourself to the community.  And this is the place for you to keep a record of your tapers and journey. Ask any questions you might have specific to your situation here as well.  Other members and moderators will come by as well.  And you can connect with us all to support and encourage on our own introductions too!


Love, peace, healing, and growth,





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Hi Boradrick & Welcome to the Group!  

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