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Andrea2799: Is there hope for me?

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Hello, I have long wondered about longterm effects of my antidepressants. Over the past 11 years, I’ve attempted to wean off several times but it wasn’t worth it. My primary care physician assured me that since the positive effect was almost immediate when I’d return to my regular dose, it was quite clear I had a serotonin deficiency and that I’d found my miracle drug. I trusted him! With my health. With my life! Every thing I tried before starting lexapro was futile, the immediate relief and ability to parent well, keep my life in balance etc came once on antidepressants. I think I was originally prescribed it for anxiety... after reading Kelly Brogan’s book last year I got scared. Terrified. What had I done?! And was there any hope to change at this point? Balance is crucial on a daily basis where my job is concerned. 

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Hello, Andrea2799, and welcome to SA.  


These drugs were originally designed for short term use, not a life time.  Eventually everyone taking them will reach tolerance, where the drug stops working but the body requires it to maintain "normal function".  When that happens getting off of them becomes a lot harder.  The drugs were tested over the short run, not long-term.  The long-term effects remain largely unknown.


From your post I think you're aware that the serotonin deficiency or chemical imbalance theory promulgated by drug companies to psychiatrists and then to their patients has been totally debunked and discredited.


Again, chemical imbalance is a myth. Stop the lies, please. - Page 4 ...

Depression: It's Not Your Serotonin - Kelly Brogan MD

Are you writing because you want to come off Lexapro?  The purpose of SA is to help members taper off psychiatric drugs and deal with withdrawal from those drugs.  The decision of whether you want to come off is yours.  Yes, there is hope for change at this point.  Some come off these drugs relatively easily, while for others it is more difficult. 


First, to give members the best information, we ask them to summarize their medication history in a signature -- drugs, doses, dates, and discontinuations & reinstatements, in the last 12-24 months particularly.  Please also include supplements.
SA recommends a ham-reduction approach to tapering that suits a broad number of members.  We recommend tapering no more than 10% of your current dose every four weeks.  Some have to go more slowly.


These links explain the importance of a slow taper.
This link is specifically about tapering Lexapro.
This is your Introduction topic, the place for you to ask questions, provide updates, and communicate with fellow members.  I'm glad you found your way here.





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Hi @Andrea2799 & Welcome to the Group.  I'm Antidepressant free after 11 years and I haven't felt this much like myself in years. Antidepressants dull everything, your ability to feel normally, empathy, interest in hobbies, etc.... I didn't know how much of a fog I was in until I was out!  Afterwards I felt like I had been in a "Walking Coma" if you will- just awful.  Please consider getting off this awful drug, if it hasn't' effected you negatively yet, it will.  Good Luck & Hang in there!

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