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Generic Meds (and their mystery contents)

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On 5/14/2019 at 9:54 PM, intothewoods said:

A New Book Argues That Generic Drugs Are Poisoning Us https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/13/books/review/bottle-of-lies-katherine-eban.html


The author of this book, Katherine Eban, was interviewed yesterday on Democracy Now: 


Bottle of Lies: How Poor FDA Oversight & Fraud in Generic Drug Industry Threaten Patients’ Health (part 1)


Why Did the FDA Go Easy on Generic Drug Makers After Inspections Exposed Quality & Safety Concerns? (part 2)


It also goes into details of what whistleblowers such as Peter Baker are finding. Baker discovered a company was selling insulin contaminated with metallic particles. In retaliation for turning in this evidence, Baker was:


". . . followed, he was threatened. In one instance, he was poisoned with tainted water at a plant. Some of the investigators that he worked with were spied on. A hotel room was bugged. And based on this sort of aggregate experience, he was actually diagnosed with post-traumatic stress."


This is international. Per the transcript: "Nearly 80% of the active ingredients of all drugs, brand or generic, as well as almost all antibiotics, are made outside of the United States."


The interview covers many issues, including how FDA inspections are staged and rigged: 


They literally have data fabrication teams that come in, in advance of these inspections, shred documents, fabricate documents, invent quality data, invent standard operating procedures, all in advance of the FDA’s arrival.


Personally, I think it's a bit disingenuous of the author (and the interviewer) to not mention that the FDA itself is corrupt at the highest levels, but I guess that's for another article. 


Going after whistleblowers like this has likely been going on for a long time, just like with environmental and political activist whistleblowers, but it hasn't been widely reported on. 


It's no wonder that people suffer with changes to generic drugs. 


This is an eye-opening interview. I'm glad to see this journalist getting this type of press coverage. 


Edited by Shep
fixed typo / added another link for part 2 of the interview

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she was also interviewed on Fresh Air.  as someone who takes a generic for high blood pressure I found it frightening. 😳

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I posted this but didn't /couldn't comment because I am having a bad reaction to low-quality generic Prozac. It's not the first time nor the first generic psych med rejected by my body. All four of my meds have to be a certain brand, better-quality generic or my system suffers shock. 


Like so many of us, I went years having a trial or switch of various polydrugs, and could take just about any generic. Sometimes the pharmacy would split a month's dose between two generics. No problem. 


But it was taking its toll and after destabilizing, things got ugly. The past two years, I've driven many hours (like last week) to get the acceptable generic. It's insanity inside the insanity of our psych med circus, which really gets aggravating with benzos as we know because they're controlled substances so each month for my diazepam (Valium), I have a two-day window to legally get it refilled and get the correct generic. My town has 3000 residents and one real pharmacy. Mail order is a lottery of generics d'jour and perilous. So, a two-hour haul one way. (in August I move to the city.... Good Generics here we come!) 


So much is coming out about dreck generics all of the sudden (60 Minutes had a sobering segment May 12), but my body has always known. The worst, as this book's author reports, is from India.


Auro-bindo, rest in peace as I will never take another of your generics. Misery, this whole month. 


Big Pharma's reckoning gets bigger..... 

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