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PSSDguy: PSSD Nightmare


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Hi guys. I used to use escotalopram for about 5 months. Quit cold turkey in november 2018. For the firsr few months I only noticed mood changes and frequent urination. Also, I noticed that my erections are weak. Gradually, all my sexual functions are getting worse - genital anestesia, erectile disfunction, weak orgasms... In april this year I discovered I have PSSD - probably permanent sexual disfunction. Till that day I have a lot of symptoms:


Ocasionally derealisation (like I'm dreaming) 

Luck of sleep (dont have a problem to fall a sleep, but I wake up after 2, 3, or (in the best case) 4 hours. When I wake up in th i middle of the night I cant continie sleeping. 

Weird dreams

Bad spatial orientation

Bad time perception

Bad mamory


Bad cognition 

Luck of energy and will

Light sensirivity

Sound sensitivity


The only thing I'm doing last month is laying on my bed, eating and smoking. That's all. Sometimes I'm out, but not more than 1h a day.


I'm off of all med drugs. Using suplements but it doesnt help. Im desperate. I'm student and I've delayed all my academic obligations. My sex life is not existent. I don't have libido and can't be arroused, and I'm only 25. Everything is so frustrating and I contemplate suicide sometimes.


The only person knowing everything is my partner, giving me support. But my parner also has it's own life and everyday activities. I' m so desperate and don't know what do to. Laying on my bed and waiting something? But what? 


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Welcome, PSSDguy.


PSSD is not necessarily a permanent condition, we have many people here who have recovered from it.


Your other symptoms indicate you have post-acute withdrawal syndrome from going off escilatopram too fast. It will take time for your nervous system to very gradually recover.


You can help is in some ways, for example, doing what you can to improve your sleep. See


Tips to help sleep -- so many of us have that awful withdrawal insomnia


Music for self-care: Calms hyperalertness, anxiety, aids relaxation and sleep


What is the sleep cycle?


Melatonin for sleep: Many people find it helpful


TV or computer use in evening can disrupt sleep: Bright light signals the brain that it's daytime


A lot of people find fish oil and magnesium supplements helpful, see



Try a little bit of one at a time to see how it affects you.


Please let us know how you're doing.


This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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