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South East Asia members, please check in here

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여보세요, こんにちは, 你好! Thought I would make this group for SE asia members to help each other out, as we know how difficult it is to find help in our countries.


Connecting our members geographically will enable

    Face-to-face meetings or phone contacts for those of you who wish to meet (Probably difficult)
    Support groups
    Sharing information about doctors, clinics, compounding pharmacies, etc.
    Organizing to educate physicians, hospitals, and university professors
    Organizing to contact members of local and national government
    Research by SEA researchers



Please also click the Follow This Topic button at the top right so you will receive notices about others posting here.


AND -- if you've haven't introduced yourself to the rest of the community yet, please go to our Introductions and Updates forum and start a topic for yourself. You can post updates to your Intro topic to track your progress.


This would probably be the loneliest member group ever and I'll be happy to just get another member in here lol😫

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If anyone knows any SE Asian members, I would be grateful if you could help me tag them or bring them to my awareness. Thanks :)

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