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Greggie: I'm in the midst of ... setback, WD, who knows?

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Today is week 11 for me. I’m feeling great. I’m not 100% better but I’d say my symptoms have reduced by 60-70%. If this is a window, it’s lasted a whole week so far. I’ve had anxiety and a few hard moments, but I’m not letting it take over. I’ve been attending CBT and it’s been doing wonders. My therapist has suggested NOT coming to this site and reading all of the horror stories, and NOT constantly journaling. It’s funny, within days of following this advice, I felt so much better. I felt like I suddenly had a grasp on my recovery. I didn’t feel hopeless and spiralling. I wasn’t focused all day everyday on how I was feeling, I was recovering.


is this just a temporary window? Don’t know, and at the moment, don’t care. 


If you never ever hear from me again you can assume I have recovered. My four month theory may actually hold water. 


There are things I need to work on now. Like my anger issues and the anxiety I tried to drug away. I’m not in denial, I went on these drugs for a reason, and at some point I’ll have to put WD away and deal with that problem, as will you. Relapse post AD treatment is high, these pills don’t cure anything. So although you probably are having some kind of difficulty with AD WD, you need to address the problem for which you started the pills in the first place. You can’t sit around blaming WD for that hoping that one day it will go away when your brain goes back to homeostasis. Deal with WD the same way you’d deal with your anxiety/depression/ocd etc without drugs. Go to therapy, learn some new skills. STOP OBSESSING OVER HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE! It’s hard, I know, trust me, it’s still hard for me, but as soon as I let go I started to make some real progress.


and for those of you who find yourself in true protracted WD or extended WD, my heart goes out to you.


Please go to therapy, it will help. If you can’t afford it, listen to Claire Weekes, read the DARE response. Get some workbooks and do the exercises. Get comfortable in your discomfort and remember, this too shall pass. You can do it. There is hope. You won’t feel this way forever. 


Much love.


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8 hours ago, Greggie said:

If you never ever hear from me again you can assume I have recovered.


I can understand that part of the process of recovery for you is putting this part of your life behind you.


However, it would be greatly appreciated if you could post occasionally to let us know how your recovery is going.  You wouldn't need to read anything else on here, just come and post in your own topic.  You could even type it up first and copy and paste it to reduce your time here.

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Week 12.


I'm still not completely over WD, I'm grateful for an amazing two week window.


Currently dealing with a wave/setback, (since Monday) I know WD is still an issue as I'm still getting weepy from time to time, more so than my pre-drug state. I'd say I'm still feeling about 150% of baseline. I don't mind feeling weepy from time to time, I just wish I didn't have to feel everything else in the 150% spectrum too.


I finished my 4th week of CBT this week. My original condition is rearing its ugly head. I had/have a panic disorder (fear of bodily sensations), which apparently is one of the easiest disorders to treat with CBT. I hope they are right, because I'm waaaaaaaay uncomfortable atm.


desensitize, desensitize, desensitize.


I suspect I still have a month or so of dealing with both WD and my original condition, however, acceptance seems to be the only solution. 


Sleep is going well, .75mg melatonin and sleep mask work well. But even after 7.5-8 hrs of sleep I'm exhausted by 6pm.  If I close my eyes during the day and focus on my breathing (4,7,8) I can fall asleep within about 2 min. almost anywhere. (except at bed time)


Anyway, I guess I got a bit overzealous when it came to that last post.


I hope one day soon you'll stop hearing from me.



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Week 19. 


For the most part I'm feeling pretty good. Been under lots of stress lately, Wife is about to give birth to our first child, trying to finish renovating our new condo before the kid gets here and I was laid off from my job about two weeks ago. These are very stressful times, and somehow, I'm doing okay.


I have been getting a nervous feeling in my belly over the past few days, not directly linked to anything I can think of. Probably like a 3 or 4/10, but for the past few weeks I haven't even been thinking about anxiety and WD. When I'm busy working with my hands, I feel fine. When I'm working in front of a computer. I don't feel great. 


I'm not saying I'm over WD completely, but almost 5 months off all ADs and things have definitely improved. My windows are getting really long. My waves don't really seem as bad as they were, but I'm looking forward to the days when waves are no longer something I think about.



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Week 22 feeling good. 

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