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badtummy: Paxil withdrawal

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  • Is this the first time you have taken SJW?
  • No i have taken it before. Maybe last time where in April. and before that maybe in winter 2018. 
  • What dose did you take? I took one pill with 67 mg. 


  • How often do you take hydroxyzine?
  • Maybe once a week. I try not to take it to often.
  • When was the last time you took it?
  • I took two pills yesterday to be able to sleep. Cus I had sever anxiety when I should sleep, because then the only thing I think of is my hurting stomach. 
  • What dose do you take? My pills are 25 mg. 


  • How often do you take tramadol? I take one every 6 month maybe. Because I throug up and like faint the day after...
  • When was the last time you took it? I think it was in April.
  • What dose do you take? It is 50 mg. 


  • Are you taking any other drugs/supplements, prescription, OTC (over the counter) or illicit? Yes.
  • If yes, what are they?
  • as of now I take:
  • ibumetin when I have my period, and Alvedon.
  • magnesium
  • mastic gum
  • a pill with enzymes to digest food
  • omega 3, which I started sat 29 June.
  • inositol/ choline from 29 june
  • vitamin c from 29 june
  • vitamin e from 29 June 
  • ubiquinol q10
  • membrasin
  • good gut bacteria.
  • and a mulitvitamin called Spektro enzym from solaray.
  • i have also been taking Nerto Spag drops from pekana, homeopathy.
  • and I have also been taking homeopathic drops from my home path but I don’t take them since about 3 weeks. Because they don’t help me. And I have taken them long time before.
  • My cabinet is filled with other stuff, but this is what I use now.
  • Have you ever done an elimination diet?


  • Have you had the appendix pain checked out by a doctor?
  • yes they said nothing was wrong
  • Do you ever get that pain?
  • No I don’t get that pain anymore. And that’s a relief.


  • Do you drink alcohol? Nooo. I don’t dare to do that.
  • Do you drink anything which containscaffeine? Nope, because I’m to scared. 



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Posted (edited)
22 hours ago, Altostrata said:

badtummy, is it possible you have a gut ailment not related to post-acute withdrawal syndrome?



Okej, I understand. And yes I know it’s very hard to stop Paxil, the worst thing I have ever done in my life.

No I’m 99 % sure it is wd. Because all this started a couple of months after I quit Paxil, and at the same time everything else if the wd started. 

And the doctor can’t find anything wrong. Not in the gastro test and not in the blood test. 


I feel a little little bit better today. 

But I have felt better days before and it always come back...

Hopefully I will have a longer window than a few days this time.


i have contacted my doctor today and ask for lamotrigin. I hope that it can calm me down a bit.

right now I have a bit burning mouth again.

but that is much better then a year ago when it hurted to even breath through my mouth. 

Thank you for your advise.


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20 hours ago, Onmyway said:

Hi Badtummy, 

I am so sorry you are going though such a hard time this far out. I don't have ideas on the psychological drugs - I'd listen to the moderators on that but am wondering if you have ever tried simethicone - this is a medicine that doesn't really get absorbed by your body (supposedly) but when you have stomach gas it works on the bubbles and gets them out. I imagine it works mechanically but please read up more on it. I wonder if some of your stomach pain is due to excess gas as you mention sounds. Check out simethicone - it is over the counter in the US and should not give you side effects but maybe try it at a low dose to begin with? I know stomach pains are not your only issue but seems like they exacerbate a lot of things and this may help, in additon to the elimination diets suggested above. Also, have you done allergy testing for foods? I don't know how these are done but maybe you are allergic to something you eat regularly? 




Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon. 


Hi, thank you for your reply.

I’m going to read about simethicone.

I have done one allergy test for gluten, but i wasn’t allergic. But I don’t eat gluten anyways just in case and no milk products.

Today I have had a better day, and in so thankful for that. I’m going to try to sleep now and that is when the anxiety usually hits me and I focus on my stomach pain. So it has become a negative thing to go to sleep.

thankyou for your tip, I’m going to read about it. But I don’t think it is gas, it feels more like it’s the stomachs fluids that flows through the intestines in a very highs speed and that the fluids are going crazy as my nerves 😅



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6 hours ago, Surfchick said:

@badtummyI had this same intense stomach pain for 3 1/2  years. i thought i had an ulcer, cancer, endometriosis..etc...mine was anxiety. 

I no longer suffer now..what i did--> regular practice hot yoga, meditation, magnesium morning AND night --> Magnesium L-Threonate 1gram a.m/  Magnesium glycinate 1.5g p.m.

Stopped drinking alcohol. Stopped taking benadryl. 

For GI support I took deglycyrrhizinated licorice (its called DGL) and papaya chews. 


Thank you so so much for your reply.

it gives me hope.

Im sure my GI problems started when my wd started. And I’m also thinking it all links together. My stressed out nervous system and my anxiety and the GI cramps.

im going to research your supplement tip.

im really happy that you replied to me.

And happy for u that you don’t suffer anymore 😍

thank you again, it means so much to me to hear that someone has had similar problem and it can improve. 

I also read a success story here about a person that also had GI pain and looked like he swallowed a basketball and that he had to pee all the time and had bladder pain, and all that had disappeared.

so I’m a little bit hopeful that maybe one day I will be free from this.


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1 hour ago, badtummy said:

i have contacted my doctor today and ask for lamotrigin. I hope that it can calm me down a bit.


Did you read the topics on lamotrigine carefully? It's best to start with a baby amount, even half or a quarter of a 2mg tablet, which is prescribed for children.

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8 hours ago, Altostrata said:


Did you read the topics on lamotrigine carefully? It's best to start with a baby amount, even half or a quarter of a 2mg tablet, which is prescribed for children.

Yes I have read. And I’m going to start very very tiny amount. 

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Yesterday I’ve been like 65 % pain free.

but tonight I woke up at like 3 o’clock with the pain again. 

If it is anxiety that is causing the pain, why do I get it in the middle of the night when I’m sleeping? This is so frustrating. Every time I think I’m starting to feel better, something like this happens and it starts all over again. 

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Did you ever keep a food journal to see if certain foods cause this pain? It could even be milk products.


Did you ever see a gastroenterologist?

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9 hours ago, Altostrata said:

Did you ever keep a food journal to see if certain foods cause this pain? It could even be milk products.


Did you ever see a gastroenterologist?

No I haven’t done a food journal. 

I have kept a supplement journal. But I don’t see any pattern at all.

i don’t eat milk products. 

The only thing that helps eas the pain in my stomach is hydroxyzine. I’ve noticed that when I take it in the evening when I’m going to sleep, it helps my stomach the day after that also.

i think my nervous system is so agitated, and also the stomach. So hydroxyzine calms everything down. 

But when I don’t take hydroxyzine I get nervousness and much anxiety. I don’t want to be dependent on it. Because I get heartpalp and low blood pressure also.

i hope that my doctor answer me soon and let me try lamotrigin to calm me down.



No I haven’t seen a gastroenterologist yet. It’s a waiting list for 3 months to see him.

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My dr has prescribed me alimenazin evolan 40 mg. But I haven’t used it yet. It’s for anxiety and sleep. 

My thinking is: because my stomach pain and my anxiety gets better with hydroxyzine maybe alimemazin would also help?

Because I don’t want to use hydroxyzine, cus of the heartpalp and low blodpdressure and because I get so sleepy the day after. 

Im going to google yoga here in my town and start with that also. 

I’m trying to stay calm and not anxiety but it’s very hard when my body is like this flight or fight mode all the time. 


My dr hasn’t responded yet about the lamotrigin.


but my question now to u guys: should I try to use a few drops of alimemazin tonight and see what happens?


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I have no idea whether this drug will help https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alimemazine


As this is a site for going off drugs, we're not in a position to recommend drugs to treat various symptoms. Gastroenterology is definitely outside our scope.


Lamotrigine was my best guess, and I only know about it because I was treated with it.

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Okey, thank you for your answer 👍🏻

I don’t want to be on any drugs at all. But I don’t want to be in this pain and anxiety either for more years. 

I don’t know if my problems will resolve on it’s own and if they do I don’t know how long the road still is left in front of me.

Sometimes I think I will never heal.

but then I get some days were I feel better. 

And that gets my hope up. 

I hope that in August when it is 3 years since I quit Paxil the first time and 2 years since I reinstated, that I will heal soon. I think that is a long time and I can’t do this for any longer after that. 

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My feeling is that it would be best for you to categorically rule out any obvious causes of gut dysfunction such as infection, dysbiosis, SIBO, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcers etc. 


As long as there is any uncertainty over whether this is withdrawal vs treatable GI issues, there is going to be a significant risk of reinstating an SSRI, only to find the GI issues continue. 


Although GI symptoms are known withdrawal symptoms, it’s also possible that the stress of withdrawal has led to a treatable cause of gut dysfunction. 


Do you have any means of seeing somebody sooner, for example by paying to see somebody privately? Although expensive, sometimes we have to try and put our health first and make sacrifices in other areas. I mean this in the kindest way, as I have had health issues whilst having very little money in the past and I felt very hopeless at the time. 


You may benefit from the following tests:


- Comprehensive stool test for dysbiosis, fungus, pathogenic bacteria, parasites, digestive enzyme assessment, inflammatory markers and immune markers 


- SIBO breath test 


I don’t know if you have the ability to self-fund or if you can find a practitioner to order these tests for you, but I think they might go a long way to diagnosing the issue at hand here, which in turn will help you decide on the best course of action going forward. 

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You are taking a lot of supplements that you can definitely be reacting to. Less is more in my experience. Perhaps if you stopped everything aside from what SA recommends (the omega 3 & magnesium) you might see improvement? I've taken some of the supplements you mentioned and had bad reactions.

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