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Generic drug controversy


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Anyone catch this report? Here is another thing to worry about while taking psych drugs. 

I was on Seroquel from 2008-2016 because Seroquel doesn't cause akathisia (in my case) and all other drugs do.   


I am tapering slowly off Seroquel- got down to 393.75mg, Fall 2016 ... 3% taper still couldn't keep me from hospital. 


Hospital stay switched me to 300 clozapine/clozaril.


Summer 2017: slowly cut and weighed clozapine/clozaril from 300mg to 275mg over 3 months. 



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After all this time


yeah, I caught that.  After the local pharmacy closed,  I've had to switch to a large chain.  In 6ish months they've subbed 3 different generic sumatriptans.  I finally realized that those multi day migraines I was experiencing--the 'medicine' gave me MIGRAINES!!  Not sure how the next 'talk' with my health care provider is going to go but when will I learn that pharma is not here to help anyone but their bottom line.


Money is more important than lives.



21 years of various psych meds.

Currently experiencing 'withdrawal syndrome' from 14 years of 0.5mg Klonopin: 1 q hs

Tapered over a year and a half dry cutting.

Hx of Imipramine (nightmare) (1992) Zoloft,(1992) Paxil (difficult to d/c)(2000) Effexor(2004-5) (also very difficult to d/c) Lamictal(2004-6), Neurontin(2004-6), Depakote(2006-2012), Remeron(2007) Various sleeping pills at different times...



Month 40 post Benzo taper


there have been windows, sometimes weeks of feeling 'almost normal' and the BLAM


windows and waves, indeed

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