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Food and drink cravings


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I just passed the 1 year mark since I started cutting back on the medication. It does not seem like a year though. Seems like a few months. Sometimes it seems like I lost a year..


Anyway recently I have been suddenly craving two things. Bottled water and fresh fruit. I used to drink a lot of bottled water before I started on SSRIs in 2007. I started drinking mostly Diet Pepsi a few months before I was first put on Prozac that year and have been drinking mostly the soda ever since. 


Lately (after my caffeine cutoff time, 3PM) I have been craving a specific brand of bottled water I used to drink in high school. Been going to the store and grabbing a bottle or two everyday.


My mom also has been bringing a bunch of strawberries and blueberries back. Been really going to town on them. Sometimes wiping out the entire package of them. Was never really big on fruit, although I did like blueberries from time to time.


Has anybody else had this happen? I’m wondering if it’s the body asking for something it needs, the withdrawal, or a hybrid of both.

Prozac (2007-2008), Zoloft (2009-2017) Paxil (2017-2018), Celexa (2018), Luvox (2018-Current) Average 50-200. Nothing as of January 2019

Lorazepam 2007-Current 2MG 3 times a day

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