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What is the mechanism of action behind anything?

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could blood flow be the entirety of the human body? too little causes a cascade of issues, and too much also does. how does one balance blood flow for optimal brain health? is nitric oxide the neurotransmitter responsible for the entire mechanics of the body?


merely posing a theory here, entirely speculative , but would love feedback


what im saying is that neuroregeneration, neurogenesis, nutrient bioavailability, mineral transport, joint support, organ tissue protection, neurotransmitter synthesis, vitamin absorption, water electrolyte ph balance, etc.....might be entirely governed by the principles of hemodynamics, aka the process of blood flow in the body, even digestion and gut motility and bacterial harmony in the gut


am i insane for thinking nitric oxide balance in the body and the blood flow balance that results is the mission of health? is thinking of the body as ONLY a hydraulic machine completely reductive? could the trillions of interconnections in the brain be a network of blood balancing agents? 


once again, not a professor of neuroscience here, or of a theoretician of biophysics, but ive been in withdrawal for 7 years, and the only thing ive done is read.......so let me know what you think 

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maybe look at Buteyko breathing.  a friend of mine is doing the lessons and not only that she is getting hooked up to machines that measure all sorts of vital signs, oxygenation etc.  

she says it's absolutely clear that relaxation comes from slowing the breathing.  the slowed breathing increases nitric oxide which allows oxygenation to happen. 


I think this is an interesting topic and I would like to see more exploration of it.   stress causes faster breathing,  held breath,  consequent air gulping,  breathing through the mouth, snoring, etc.  all of this is a cascade of bad effects. 


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